Yohnee Miller Maintains the Open Doors of Hundred Grand Through COVID-19

BROOKLYN, N.Y., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Despite the obstacles of COVID-19, Hundred Grand’s new location is still open.  Hundred Grand started as a quaint, humble barber shop which has transformed into a grooming club for men since its inception in 2015.  There are multiple resources for men housed under the Hundred Grand umbrella, including:

  • Hundred Grand juice bar which is available at the 1012 Fulton Street location in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Hundred Grand print shop which has DTG printing for long lasting logos for brands.
  • Hundred Grand event space for entrepreneurs that want to host seminars, parties, pop-ups, and more.
  • Glow with So Day Spa, an oasis of relaxation owned by Alicia Fernandez.

“My goal is to create a clean, professional, health and wellness space for men’s grooming that includes community and diversity while providing a space for entrepreneurs to expand their visions inside of the community built at Hundred Grand,” says Yohnee Miller, celebrity barber and owner of Hundred Grand.

The main center of Hundred Grand – the barbershop is COVID compliant, and each barber station is strategically sectioned to make its customers feel safe including private rooms for haircuts for extra security. Due to the loss of income during New York’s lockdown, Hundred Grand is accepting donations at its Go Fund Me Page:  gf.me/u/zfk42u.

Yohnee Miller

Yohnee Miller is a seasoned grooming professional and former instructor located in the heart of Brooklyn continuing the legacy of her grandmother who was a barber in Salinas, California.  She has mastered the art of haircuts as well as entrepreneurship and philanthropy through her years of cutting at various homeless shelters. She has been featured on various television stations, including BET and local news stations.  For more information, visit Hundredgrandbarbershop.com

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