Women of Color Launch Easy, Confidence -Boosting Skincare Line for All Men

CHICAGO, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dion Michaels, a simple results-driven skincare line for multi-ethnic men has officially launched. Founders Simone Randle and Tammie Sykes created this line to tackle the top skin challenges that were impacting the men in their lives – from razor burns to dry beards. They quickly realized that these challenges played a significant role in confidence too.

Dion Michaels is a convenient subscription-based skincare line that provides men with two simple products, a grooming cream and a skin balm. The skincare line not only improves and protects men’s skin but also boosts their confidence.

“We feel that the male population in the skincare industry is an underserved market,” said Randle. “Men want an effective product and they want a simple regimen.”

Dion Michaels’ formula is a custom blended formula, with carefully selected ingredients to support all skin types. Customers can choose between a monthly subscription bundle of the grooming cream and skin balm delivered to their door or to purchase the grooming cream and skin balm bundle as a one-time purchase,

Early testers of the product reported drastic improvements in 14 days. Most of the respondents said that they noticed an unmistakable “glow” on their skin as their complexion started to even out.

Dion Michaels provides men with a unique, targeted formula that removes the hassle from the traditional, multi-step skincare routine. Focusing on multi-functional products, men can get the results that they want without spending hours in the bathroom. The grooming cream is a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a shaver for both the face and men who have bald heads. The skin balm also works as an additional moisturizer and aftershave that sooths and calms the skin after shaving.

Designed to be a brand for all, Dion Michaels is available to all men-regardless of skin type, color, and facial hair texture. Spending many years on research and development, the outcome has been a formula that has proven successful among ethnically diverse test groups.

Randle and Sykes created this line to provide men with simple, effective products to improve the health and appearance of their skin. Starting today, men have access to two products that allow them to take charge of how they care for and maintain their skin. Men, let’s get started today!

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