WOC ®- Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy Announces Partnership With Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA)

NEW YORK, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WOC ®- Women of Color in Fundraising and Philanthropy is thrilled to announce its partnership with the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) around the Remember, Record, Respect initiative, as an important gesture of allyship and solidarity among people of color. Hate against Asian American and Pacific Islanders is on the rise again. The roots of this racism are not new. Both organizations are documenting what’s happening now so history never forgets.

Nancy Yao Maasbach, President of MOCA, said, “In work and in life, a partner is meant to make you stronger, better, wiser. With our inaugural partnership with WOC ®, MOCA has found a partner who does just that — Everyone at MOCA is honored and humbled to join with WOC ® to share stories collected around acts of support and encouragement by AAPIs during the pandemic and acts of hate toward AAPIs. Only when we record and remember our stories, can we begin to have respect for one another. Thank you, WOC ®, for seeing MOCA.”

WOC ® Founder Yolanda F. Johnson remarked, “Over the past year, the Asian American and Pacific Islander community have been targets of nearly 4,000 reported hate incidents in the United States. We must speak out against violence. We must stand by our colleagues and friends who feel threatened and vulnerable. We encourage you to join WOC ® and MOCA in taking meaningful action towards unlearning these racist and hateful systems with this initiative.”

As part of this partnership, WOC ® Members are invited to submit their stories, letters, emails, texts, videos, recordings, reflections, conversations, photos, social media posts, art, poetry, or songs created in response to anti-AAPI violence. Three submissions may be selected for the promotion of a public program series sponsored by WOC ® in conjunction with Remember, Record, Respect and for potential inclusion in the exhibit.

Please e-mail your submissions to
. The deadline is Monday, May 17, 2021. By making your submission, you are giving WOC ® permission to use all elements of your submission for marketing/media purposes and public use.

For more information, please visit: https://www.woc-fp.com/new-now/in-partnership-against-anti-aapi-racism

About WOC ®:

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