Wedding Industry Consultant Unlocks Digital Accessibility for People With Disabilities Marketing Leads The Way in ADA Compliant Websites

TEANECK, N.J., Jan. 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Recognizing the critical need for inclusivity, Brian Lawrence, a nationally known Wedding Marketing Consultant, writer, public speaker and owner of the highly revered web design and SEO Agency is leading the way in helping the wedding industry and other industries comply with the legally required website enhancements for people with disabilities based on the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). By adhering to the ADA guidelines, websites not only comply with federal laws, they also provide an accessible experience for all online visitors.

“Everyone should be able to enjoy your website and even the most updated, modern site can compromise the experience of people with disabilities without compliance,” says Lawrence, whose company focuses on wedding industry website redesign and SEO. He underscores the urgency of the matter by pointing out that a staggering 98% of websites currently fall short of ADA compliance, leaving potential clients excluded and businesses vulnerable to legal ramifications for discrimination.

Take a complimentary website compliance check

The first step in how to make a website ADA compliant is to test it. At the core of Lawrence’s new service is a complimentary two-step website compliance check. The comprehensive review provides a detailed report covering all crucial aspects of a website and their alignment with ADA guidelines.

From a marketing perspective, ADA website compliance is a testament to the commitment of inclusivity. “It makes your brand more accessible and you’ll win over couples who appreciate that you’re creating a better website experience,” says Lawrence. An ADA compliant website, he explains, also helps to improve SEO and ranking with Google.

Make, and keep, your website ADA compliant

ADA compliant websites enhance user experience, foster goodwill, broaden business reach, and avoid potential legal action. To make, and keep, wedding industry websites ADA compliant, Lawrence offers a platform that achieves compliance within 48 hours of installation.

“Our platform serves those who are living with sight impairment, hearing impairment, dyslexia, and epilepsy,” describes Lawrence. “It’s designed to make websites accessible to the blind, deaf, and all those who must navigate the Internet by voice, screen readers, or other assistive technologies.”

The platform provides monthly accessibility reports, a widget for customizing a website to an individual user’s needs, accessibility statements, and performance certification. The platform keeps current with new requirements and even qualifies a business for a tax credit.

Several prominent wedding vendor websites have become ADA compliant through their service:
Brooklake Country Club, a well-known indoor and outdoor wedding venue in New Jersey

One of the leading entertainment companies, Bunn DJ Company with wedding djs in Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Charleston, SC, Richmond, VA, San Diego, CA, and Bozman, MT.
Occasions At Laguna Village, a charming Southern California outdoor wedding venue in Laguna Village, CA as well as famed wedding industry expert Alan Berg.

About Brian Lawrence Marketing

Brian Lawrence is a well-regarded consultant and speaker to the wedding industry. He is the author of two books and a regular contributor to industry publications and podcasts. Lawrence is also a frequent speaker at wedding industry conferences such as Wedding MBA and the DJ Collective.

Before starting his agency, Lawrence was involved in several aspects of the wedding industry for nearly 30 years. The agency team is also made up of professionals with wedding industry backgrounds, including venue and event management, entertainment, decor, photography/videography, transportation, and bridal magazine publishing.

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