Viprox Helps Head Off the Sniffles

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cymcorp is a cutting-edge Canadian health and wellness company focused on prevention. The organization’s flagship product package, Viprox, is an excellent way to bolster the immune system. This can help keep minor coughs and colds from wreaking havoc on a regular basis.

Colds are common. In fact, adults tend to catch a handful of colds every year. They may not require surgery or intense medication. Nevertheless, a case of the sniffles can leave an individual feeling down and out for days.

If things get worse, it can lead to serious conditions, too, like bronchitis or pneumonia. Even when symptoms subside, stuffy noses and coughs can linger for weeks.

What’s worse, the current post-pandemic day and age have led to a hyper-sensitive lifestyle. Cold symptoms can lead to glares and comments and can even be grounds to stay home from work or school — regardless of negative tests or one’s vaccination status.

Needless to say, colds can cripple the body, fog up the mind, and lead to missed time at both work and play. Avoiding catching a cold is the ideal solution. Typical cold-prevention protocols include activities such as washing hands often, not touching one’s face, and avoiding contact with others who are ill.

Canadian-based enterprise Cymcorp is offering another option that takes the preventative measures up a notch in the form of its Viprox package. The innovative company specializes in optimizing holistic health through a variety of different ground-breaking products. Three of these constitute Viprox and are:

  • Une-Vie: A water-based product that focuses on hydration through extensive purification, restructuring water to ensure that the body gets the most benefits from cellular hydration.
  • Triozyme Complex: A nutritionally focused, enzyme-based superfood product that enhances optimal digestion.
  • GSH Complex: Cymcorp’s flagship product, which utilizes the molecular thiol compound glutathione to protect the body from things like oxidative stress, toxic metals, and persistent organic pollutants on a cellular level.

Together, these three products help the body remain nourished, hydrated, and cellularly sound. Cymcorp founder Robert Gauthier’s goal in founding his company was to prevent the need to suffer unnecessarily. "This started with the question, ‘Isn’t there a better way to combat illness and maintain our health?’" the founder explains, adding, "Why not be proactive and keep ourselves from getting sick in the first place?"

Rather than accept colds as an inevitable event that comes around every couple of months, Gauthier challenges individuals to think proactively about their health. From proper hydration and digestion to optimized cellular health and a strong immune system, by extension, keeping the body operating at peak ability is one of the best ways to maintain one’s health year-round.

About Cymcorp: Cymcorp is a Canadian health and wellness brand that has been at the forefront of cellular health for over two decades. The company was created by founder Robert Gauthier. Cymcorp’s primary product is VIPROX, a complete health care treatment that specializes in providing GSH and supportive elements to the body in order to maintain its inherent health properties over time. Learn more about Cymcorp at

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