VersaPadTM and SnapPadⓇ Introduce a Breakthrough in Eco-Conscious, Hygienic Controlled Delivery Systems Set to Transform the Cosmetic and Medical Industries

WAUKEGEN, Ill., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CaseMed Engineering introduces VersaPad and SnapPadⓇ – two breakthrough controlled delivery systems for a wide variety of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) gels, powders, liquids, and more, each biodegradable and crafted 100% sustainably. When CaseMed Engineering Founder Casey Samangooie – former Vice President of Manufacturing with Medline Industries for over 20 years (and an avid gardener) – encountered problems with spray bug repellents, he teamed up with his son, Alex, to develop a more user- and environmentally-friendly option.

“Made 100% in the USA and patented across four major continents, VersaPad and SnapPadⓇ are the latest advancements on our continued mission to pioneer a solutions-based, eco-conscious approach for the cosmetic industry,” says Samangooie.


This latex-free, recyclable single-use flat pad is a versatile liquid reservoir and applicator all in one. Features and benefits include:

  • Finger-use design with easy pull-tab activation (hidden or exposed)
  • Choice of sizes (from one-finger to four-finger applicators)
  • Selection of double- or single-sided pads available in a range of colors and surface designs (soft to exfoliating)
  • Drip-free application with proper dispensing/mixing for optimal product impact
  • Touchless solution that reduces the risk of contamination/infection
  • Instant pull-tab activated warming technology also available!


Hygienically dispense/apply a variety of solutions (including serums, ointments, creams, lotions, cleansers, medicine, cosmetics, and powders) with a single, dual, or multi-chamber design that makes it a “snap” to properly mix/activate products. Features and benefits include:

  • A liquid reservoir and applicator all in one
  • Comfortable single hand profile with pinch activation design
  • Choose from single, dual, or multi-chamber reservoirs in a range of sizes and shapes with the ability to hold multiple substrates
  • Varying surface designs provide soft or exfoliating touchless, drip-free application
  • Optional foil layer increases protection and can include product instructions or company branding

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About CaseMed Engineering:

CaseMed Engineering is known for providing innovative luxury cosmetic/medical product dispensing, application, and packaging solutions designed with convenience, hygiene, and environmental responsibility in mind. Founder Casey Samangooie knows how to bring ideas to reality through 30+ years of experience in consulting, engineering, and manufacturing. As the Vice President of Manufacturing with Medline Industries for over 20 years, he was responsible for the engineering of all medical packaging, including the development and management of factories across a multitude of countries. Samangooie also managed the purchasing of capital equipment, delivered automated manufacturing solutions, and customized equipment to meet unique packaging demands. Now, his company CaseMed is known for developing convenient, hygienic and environmentally-conscious dispensing and packaging solutions for today’s mobile lifestyle. Learn more about their next-generation packaging, promotional, and custom solutions at

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