Ultimate Paleo Protein: A Protein Powder For Everyone

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tailor Made Nutrition has broken new boundaries with its innovative Ultimate Paleo Protein formula. The beef protein product sports a great flavor profile, mixes without a problem, and is easy on the stomach. The product is so safe and effective, the brand has marketed it for all and sundry, including anyone from “six to 90 years old” and adding that it’s for “all ages and activities” — not just athletes and fitness junkies.

The Ultimate Paleo Protein label started with a desire to come up with a protein supplement that wasn’t dependent on traditional dairy-based whey protein ingredients. The product was developed by Tailor Made Nutrition, a company that saw a need for an allergy-friendly version of the popular sports and fitness supplement.

Working with dietarily sensitive products is nothing new to the creators behind the label. The Minnesota-based food retailer has specialized in selling all kinds of hypoallergenic foods for over a decade.

However, when the company’s R&D team created their bonafide beef protein powder, they quickly realized that they had struck gold. In fact, they had gone far beyond allergy- and dietary-related concerns. The new product was replete with a comprehensive list of impressive health food labels, including:

  • Hypoallergenic: The product is gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and egg-free.
  • All-natural: Synthetics and counterfeit ingredients are rejected in favor of wholesome, all-natural options.
  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised: With the pivot toward beef, the makers made sure that they sourced the ingredient from cows raised in a pasture with grass to eat.
  • Non-GMO and antibiotic- and hormone-free: The commitment to an all-natural product demanded that they keep hormones, antibiotics, and GMO foods out of the mix.

To back all of this up, Ultimate Paleo Protein doesn’t hide behind a sketchy “proprietary formula.” The brand claims that it wants everyone to feel completely comfortable partaking in their health-conscious protein option. With that in mind, it’s ensured that every ingredient that is present in a meaningful amount is proudly listed on the label.

From start to finish, everything about the Ultimate Paleo Protein products screams accessibility — no matter what an individual’s age or occupation. It isn’t a product reserved for athletes or filled with confusing additives.

On the contrary, Ultimate Paleo Protein represents a tasty, effective, and dietarily sensitive alternative in a market overcrowded with a slew of whey protein options. It’s no wonder the new supplement has already found fans as Tailor Made has begun to roll it out to a larger national market.

About Ultimate Paleo Protein: Twin-cities-based Tailor Made Nutrition has operated as a brick-and-mortar store for over 12 years. While the company works with all things hypoallergenic, it has recently taken to the national stage with its beef-based Ultimate Paleo Protein products.

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