TruLife Distribution Makes Its Presence Known at the March ECRM Conference

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áBrand management agency TruLife Distribution has returned from yet another successful “round with the retailers” at the Healthy Living, Vitamin & Nutrition program in the March installment of the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference. With the pandemic in the rearview mirror and smooth sailing ahead, Brian Gould’s wunderkind company is poised for an unprecedented run of success in the months ahead.

Brian Gould is a long-time alumnus of the ECRM conference. With well over a decade of experience, Gould has a profound connection with many of the retailers that are annually represented at the gathering. This connection has allowed his company, TruLife Distribution, to represent a smorgasbord of emerging domestic and international health and wellness brands over the years.

TruLife heads into each ECRM conference equipped with its staggering industry knowledge and powerful warehousing and distribution network. This is enhanced by the company’s ability to ally itself with only the best of the best when it comes to up-and-coming brands in the health and wellness sector.

Gould’s company has featured everything from workout supplements to organic energy boosters, immunity support products, and more. He’s also maintained impressive levels of trust in his relationships with the retailers represented at the conference. This is due to his extremely high standards when it comes to the brands that he’ll take on.

The pandemic threw a wrench into last year’s ECRM meetings, forcing Brian and his team to deftly maneuver through a hastily assembled virtual version of the conference. Even so, TruLife continued to find growing success for its clients, landing accounts and forging connections with retailers at an unrelenting pace.

At the March 2021 iteration of the conference, external circumstances finally began to take a turn for the better. With the pandemic at long last beginning to recede into the past and the ECRM conference operating in a smoother, well-established virtual gathering, the TruLife team found a new lease on life. Armed with an arsenal of the best health and wellness products on the market, they dove into the fray, making connections and uniting retailers with new brands at every turn.

TruLife has already been able to find impressive levels of success while 2021 is still just getting started. This triumphant return to the ECRM conference has infused Gould’s team with all-new levels of excitement as they prepare for a shift back into more traditional versions of the conference in the months and years ahead.

About TruLife: TruLife Distribution is a brand management agency founded by Brian Gould. The fourth-generation sales and marketing professional has deep roots in retail distribution, and his company has consistently placed hundreds of brands with online and brick-and-mortar retailers. The growing TruLife team works with both domestic and international emerging health and wellness brands, offering a tool chest of services that include marketing, social media management, public relations, warehousing, and retailer brand presentations.

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