Three Key Fitness Supplements to Help Women Look and Feel Their Best

D2Fit Nutrition’s Trio of Nutritional Supplements Are Targeted Toward Women Who Are Striving to Stay Fit and in Shape — Even on the Home Front

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There are many reasons for a person to spend a lot of time on the homefront. After a world-changing pandemic, remote work remains in vogue, with little chance of things changing any time soon. In addition, parents are often restrained to the homefront for much of the day due to ongoing childcare responsibilities or the need to help kids get to and from school and other commitments.

The struggle to maintain one’s personal health and fitness when living on the home front is something D2Fit Nutrition creator and fitness icon Jessica Bass James is intimately familiar with. “I started my fitness program, Dance2Fit, when I was just 24 years old,” explains James, “And it wasn’t because I was an ambitious entrepreneur or a fitness nut. I was a mother of three beautiful children who was tired of the same, mundane workout routines — none of which adapted to my busy parenting schedule.”

James responded by becoming a certified fitness instructor and launching her online program Dance2Fit, which focuses on helping other women and men, like herself, stay healthy and in shape. Dance2Fit combines James’s love for dance with full-body workout routines in an accessible and inspiring fitness community.

The creation of Dance2Fit was a good start, but James didn’t stop there. She knew that busy moms and women working from home often came into each fitness session with limited time and energy to give to each workout. With this in mind, she created a trio of nutritional supplements tailored to the demands of her growing fan base to help them get the most out of each effort to exercise.

The three main staples of D2Fit Nutrition are D2Fit 4-in-1 Kick Start (which functions as a fat burner), D2Fit Multi-Collagen Pre-Workout (which helps improve focus, endurance, and energy levels), and D2FIT Women’s Time Release Whey Protein (which helps with muscle mass and toning). These three products combine with James’s ongoing fitness program to give women and men an accessible and consistent form of health and wellness. No matter what season of life they may find themselves in, the women who follow Jessica Bass James know that they’re maintaining a lifestyle that helps them always look and feel their best.

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