The Sanitation Brand Helping “Achieve Your Highest Good”

Soul Wipe Is a Brand Built on Sanitation, Sustainability, and Self Improvement

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sanitation is a major priority for many in the post-pandemic world. The desire to stay clean is important but often gets taken too far. Fear and uncompromising self-preservation have pushed many to use any and all sanitation tools, no matter what the cost to themselves or the environment. That’s where Soul Wipe is fighting against the current.

“I created Soul Wipe as a way to counteract the fear-inducing smell and harmful side effects of most sanitation wipes,” explains company founder Monica Rodriguez Dean, “The idea was to infuse this necessary daily activity with a sense of calm, a sense of purpose, a sense of surrender.”

With this inspiration in mind, Dean created Soul Wipe, a unique twist on portable hand cleaning that consists of a line of seven different sanitation wipes. Each SKU incorporates its own mixture of Pure Essential Oils and chakra crystals. The former is meant to create a pleasing aroma that calms rather than stokes fears. The latter is designed to help users align with one of the seven different chakras and their frequencies.

In addition to these revolutionary elements, every Soul Wipe is sustainability made. They utilize 70% Ethyl Alcohol (i.e., kill 99.9% of bacteria) and are made from 100% bamboo (i.e., are fully compostable). This makes them infinitely more sustainable than many mainstream brands, which utilize harsh chemical disinfectants and plastics.

“With each Soul Wipe, I hope to help create a few moments throughout each day to help individuals improve themselves,” says Dean, “I want to help them find the space for those dreams of inner peace and serenity to become reality. Inner clarity is an important starting point for positive change. May the blend of these pure essential oils and crystals help you achieve your highest good. Center your soul. Wipe your hands. Raise the collective vibration.”

About Soul Wipe

Soul Wipe is a female-owned business that was founded by Monica Rodriguez Dean in January 2021. It is also a minority-owned enterprise and a certified member of the Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council. Soul Wipe is focused on the mission of creating serene moments throughout the day — even while a person is sanitizing their hands. Inspired by the ancient modalities of pure essential oils and high-frequency crystals to unblock chakras, Soul Wipe guides others into a space of inner clarity and realization of the present moment. Center your soul, wipe your hands, and raise the collective vibration. Learn more at

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