The New Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, True Breakthrough, Mounjaro Brings Everything You Need to Manage This Diabetes Drug AND Weight Loss

The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, True Breakthroughs in Medicines, Mounjaro

Could a new Diabetes medicine also become a blockbuster weight loss too?

MELBOURNE, Fla., March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. James Rybacki, president of The Medicine Information Institute, has reviewed the novel tirzepatide diabetes science, and the new study he expects will lead to this diabetes drug as a weight loss drug in 2023 and also has 2 companion videos that detail tirzepatide AND insurance issues that may decide if the drug is covered. The Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs, True Breakthroughs in Medicines, Mounjaro Surpasses Hopes is a detailed 24-page EBOOK will answer many questions including:

  • What and where are the top web sites National organizations that deal with diabetes and even define care?
  • Do benefits outweigh Mounjaro risks and for who? Are there drug interactions?
  • How did the American Diabetes Association standards of care view blood sugar?
  • Can Mounjaro lead to weight loss and will it be FDA approved for weight loss?
  • Could controlling blood sugar help decrease risk of heart attacks and strokes?
  • Is Mounjaro unique in the two ways that it works?

Written in the easy-to-understand language that the Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs pioneered in 1978, this new eBook is a “must read” for millions of people trying to understand diabetes, Mounjaro and what questions to ask their doctors for themselves or for their families.

When medicines matter, it’s the Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs.

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