The Less Stress Doc Delivers a Roadmap to Less Stress in New Book: Highway to Your Happy Place

Dr. Gary Sprouse is a leading expert on stress reduction. 

CHESTER, Md., May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Everyone wants to have less stress. In his new book, Highway to Your Happy Place: A Roadmap to Less Stress, Gary Sprouse M.D. – also known as The Less Stress Doc – reveals tools to help people reduce or eliminate stress and enjoy their lives.

Dr. Sprouse is extremely passionate about bringing happiness into people’s lives through humor, compassion, and understanding. He has a unique perspective on stress that no one else is talking about. He has uncovered a groundbreaking new way to define where the majority of human stress originates. This new insight – and the tools he developed to deal with stress – will change lives.

The main themes are:

  • We were meant to be in our Happy Place but many of us don’t know what it is or where it is
  • Roadblocks of stress keep us from our Happy Place
  • The majority of human stress is actually due to the side effects of our skills
  • The Less Stress Doc has tools to get rid of the roadblocks so people can spend more time in their Happy Place
  • Dr. Sprouse said, “As humans, we can contemplate the future. It is a skill that has brought great success but it can also

bring worry, and that causes stress. The tools Dr. Sprouse developed such as the Worry Organizer and the Shoebox system let people keep their skills and get rid of or reduce the side effects. These tools are effective because they get to the origin of the stress. When people use the techniques, they can get back to enjoying their life again and spend more time in their Happy Place.”

Best-selling author Jack Canfield reviewed the new book and said, “In the span of getting to know Dr. Gary Sprouse and reading his book, I have been introduced to many new concepts and ideas. His ideas and models for stress reduction are life-changing. You will absolutely love this. A must read.”

Dr. Sprouse has appeared on television and podcasts, and he has been featured in international articles. He is currently booking speaking engagements with corporations, professional organizations, networking groups, caregivers, medical practitioners, women’s groups, AA meetings, and recovery groups.

Highway to Your Happy Place is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. An audio book version is coming soon. Dr. Sprouse’s “Happiness Highway” podcast is on Youtube: Follow him on Facebook at

About the Author
Dr. Gary Sprouse is a retired primary care physician who practiced in Maryland for 38 years. He graduated from George Washington University Medical School in the top 10% of his class and is a member of Mensa. He has taken everything he has learned about stress reduction to create tools that help people control stress and enjoy their life. A TEDx talk is in development. A nonprofit foundation, the Happy Place Society, is also being developed. For more information, visit

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