Study Confirms Improvements in Strength From 1x Per Week 20-Minute Workout Sessions with Personal Trainer

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — fit20 has been touting the benefits of its personal training method for over a decade, and a recent study confirms that strength gains in adults ages 40 and older are possible with controlled, consistent resistance training for 20 minutes once per week.

The research conducted by Dr. James Steele and other leading modern exercise researchers at SportRxiv analyzed fit20 data from 14,690 people, 40 years of age and older, who participated in fit20 training program consisting of a 20-minute workout with slow motion resistance training sessions with a personal trainer one time per week for more than six years in fit20 Studios in the Netherlands. Research results showed a 30 to 50 percent increase in strength over the first year, with 50 to 60 percent total strength gains. All 14,690 study participants experienced double-digit gains in strength regardless of gender, age, or ability with just 20-minutes once a week.

The study will be published this Fall in a leading sports science journal with preliminary reviews in British Runners World and Quick and Dirty Tips indicating positive results.

“We’ve been told for decades that the only exercise program to improve strength and endurance is with strenuous, sweat-induced workouts, multiple times per week for an extended period of time, and now, we know we can reach our optimum strength potential with just one 20-minute training session per week,” said Dr. Roger Karsten, Physical Therapist and Chief Training Officer of fit20 USA. “These strength gains change the way we look and feel, but also have a positive impact on our health and longevity. The fit20 strategy is a proven, effective alternative to increase strength and stamina regardless of age, gender, or ability. In fact, many of our Studios support people with prosthetics, recovering from strokes, struggling with obesity, hypertension, and many other maladies. The fit20 method is safe — and now — proven effective.”

The fit20 concept is unique in that Members meet weekly with a personal trainer for an intense, slow-motion, resistance training session to ensure a safe and highly-effective workout experience in just 20 minutes. A circuit of specialized strength training machines is used to create a full body workout that increases strength and vitality — safely. The key elements of the fit20 training approach include:

  • only 20 minutes per week
  • always with a personal trainer and by appointment
  • exercise without changing clothes or showering in a climate-controlled environment
  • no distracting music, mirrors or group workouts
  • each session and exercise is tracked in a proprietary app to monitor performance gains

Walter Vendel, the founder and CEO of fit20 Franchise BV, opened the first fit20 Studio in Zwolle, The Netherlands in 2009. Today, there are more than 19,000 members in 160 fit20 Studios in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, U.S., Qatar, New Zealand, Germany, the Caribbean, Morocco, France, and Sweden. fit20USA expansion is growing with franchises sold in St. George, Utah; Houston, Texas; Springfield, Lorton, Stafford, and Fredericksburg, Virginia; Jacksonville, Florida; Toledo, Ohio, and Traverse City, Michigan. 

“Being a former athlete and working in the fitness industry for years, I know how important health and wellness are,” said new fit20USA franchisee and former University of Maryland basketball player, Kevin McLinton, who is opening a fit20USA Studio soon in Springfield, Virginia. “Unfortunately due to everyday life and other obligations, people do not have the time to commit to consistent training. fit20 allows people that balance to focus on maintaining their good health and their other responsibilities. The excuse of ‘not having enough time’ is no longer an excuse. 20 minutes is all that is required! It is an effective option to the more traditional personal training that we are accustomed to.”

“COVID took a toll on franchise development for many franchise companies, but fit20 continued growing through the pandemic,” said Chief Development Officer, Dr. Ben Litalien, CFE. “In fact, membership continued to climb as people realized this was the safest place they could exercise. And with that membership expansion, the interest in our franchise program grew as well, as prospects realized they could own a business that changes people’s lives for the better. fit20 does just that, and many people are looking for those type of impact franchise opportunities.”

fit20 is participating this week at The Franchise Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit fit20 at Booth 501.

About fit20 USA

fit20 is a unique, high-intensity, 20-minute training method that improves strength, vitality, and mental focus. You always work with a specialized personal trainer in a private, noise-free environment geared to accommodate busy schedules and reflect personal physical requirements.  Your once-a-week training session is by appointment, so you never waste time waiting. The climate-controlled environment offers state-of-the-art equipment with individualized attention – no group workouts, distracting music or mirrors. Sign up online or call 833-fit20-US for your “FIT” — free introductory training.  There is no obligation to join, but nothing is better than trying this method firsthand. Follow fit20 on Twitter @fit20USA and on Click here to learn more. 

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fit20 USA is a Master Franchisee of fit20 BV based in the Netherlands. fit20 USA Franchising is focused on rapid expansion across the U.S. with strategic partners.  For more information on the franchise programs visit

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