‘Sleek High-Fashion Sustainability That You Can Carry’ – Luxury Handcrafted Purses and Handbags for the Environmentally Conscious Woman, by ShanPaulo

WYNCOTE, Pa., March 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ShanPaulo (https://shanpaulo.com/) officially announced the launch of a new website to feature its handcrafted purses and handbags after a recent increase in sales. Offering vibrant colors and lushly rich designs crafted from reclaimed wood, each ShanPaulo handbag is a fully functional, unique work of sustainable art designed to last for many years. The co-founders of ShanPaulo believe that giving back to the environment is more than just a popular sentiment: it is a firm dedication. As a Green Business Bureau certified seller, ShanPaulo donates fully 1% of its revenue to support One Tree Planted and Global Green. The ShanPaulo collection is available for purchase online.

ShanPaulo co-founder Shannon DeOliveira spoke about the emotional genesis of her dynamic, woman-centered company:

“As a domestic violence survivor myself, part of our overarching mission has always involved the empowerment and betterment of women. Years ago, before I had established my career, I was in a very toxic relationship. I felt dependent on a man, though I was working two jobs and in school. Despite all the red flags and warning signs, I stayed, and eventually that relationship turned completely violent – with full physical abuse. I ended up in the emergency room after he attacked both my car and my face, busting my lip and breaking my nose. Thankfully though, that was the end. I was completely done after that and vowed I would never let another man treat me that way again. And as strange as it may sound, that incident made me feel more confident, deserving, and independent. This is one of the many reasons why our brand works to help women feel their best – to exude the confidence that all women have deep inside and deserve.  I strongly believe that every woman should feel beautiful, confident, empowered, and independent, because they can accomplish anything they want in their lives. That’s one of the most important messages our brand seeks to communicate: The world is in your hands – believe it!”

ShanPaulo co-founder Paulo DeOliveira spoke to the company’s overall environmental mission:

“I was born and raised in Brazil, and there are so many wonderful villages and small towns there that make beautiful, handcrafted products – often to support lower income families. Many of these products use reclaimed and repurposed materials out of necessity, but the end results are stunning. It ultimately inspired us to do the same: create amazing products that are sustainable, while also educating others on the importance of this work. Responsible waste management, using segregated and efficiently handled materials, not only helps the environment, it helps us all – by pushing back environmental devastation and allowing the earth time to rebuild and heal itself. The sourcing of materials used in the construction of our purses and handbags also lifts up lower income families.”

ShanPaulo continues to expand on its commitment to helping woman and is currently working on non-profit partnerships that help fight the violence and exploitation of women. For the latest information on ShanPaulo’s non-profit work, or for handbag styling and fashion tips, follow ShanPaulo on social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.

About ShanPaulo

A woman-owned business, ShanPaulo is a luxury maker of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted handbags and purses that embody the values and style of those who use them. Unique, original, gorgeous, and fully designed to give back to the environment, ShanPaulo handbags purposely align with a higher goal. By fostering relationships with global sustainability non-profits, ShanPaulo allows customers to indulge in their high-fashion pursuits, while still giving back to the earth in a big way. Learn more at: www.ShanPaulo.com.

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