Skip New Year Resolutions! Use Life Culture Audit Vision Board App to Secure Real-Life Income Increase

DETROIT, Dec. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Every January 1st people make a resolution to lose weight, save more money, buy a new car, new house etc. By January 31st those New Year resolutions are dead.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 is true, “money answereth all things.” Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, stressed out and burned out. Many cannot envision a life of plenty. In fact, a Bankrate survey highlighted 56% of Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency expense with savings. Either you need to reduce your expenses or increase your income to achieve your goals.

In the past 2 years with the Life Culture Audit vision boarding process, Automation Workz has changed the lives of users, launching them into tech careers, doubling their salaries and thus increasing their luxury lifestyle.

Here are success stories –
  • Kay moved from earning $35,000 to $130,000 Technology Engineer annual salary, new condo, new car and private school for child.
  • Jaharah moved from $50,000 to $105,000 salary for Cybersecurity job.
  • Caleb moved from earning $50,000 to $120,000 project manager salary.
  • William moved from $50,000 to $78,000 as a Computer Specialist
  • Jordan moved from $45,000 to $92,000 as a Tech Trainer.
  • Miranda moved from waitress to Tech Support Engineer at $60,000.
  • Willie moved from $19 per hour to $39 per hour.
  • Brandon moved from $40,000 to $60,000 restaurant manager.

What we see, What we reflect and hold in our thoughts, We attract like a magnet.  

If one sees poverty, crime and blight daily, one continually thinks about poverty, crime and blight attracting more scarcity and poverty.

If one sees luxury, riches and pristine neighborhoods, one gravitates to those environments often as they are thinking about riches and luxury, daily attracting more riches and luxury.

Even before you change your address, you can change what you ‘SEE’.

The Life Culture Audit app assists you to establish PICTORIAL goals for a luxury lifestyle, changing what you ‘SEE‘ and thus changing your thoughts.  Those pictures are populated onto a one-page vision board. You can rearrange photos, making them larger or smaller based on their priority in your life. You will then review your vision board, daily. It gives you the much-needed motivation to work towards a new career and your dream lifestyle.

“Having spent my high school years in a Flint Housing Project, living in poverty, crime and blight, I realized life is a door of endless possibilities and wealth. Imagery – what I see – is the key to entry. I have changed what I ‘SEE’ several times in my life and achieved exponential results. At age 17, I received 11 college acceptances to leave the ‘hood, landing at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on a full-ride scholarship. I have had a long career and blessed life, having managed $620 million as a wealth manager, $40 million as a mortgage loan officer, a headhunter placing tech executives and now the founder of a cybersecurity vocational school for career changers. My son, an IT Programmer, has moved the luxury lifestyle into the next generation., states Ida Byrd-Hill, CEO Automation Workz.

Use the Life Culture Audit vision boarding app to increase your income and change your life. Download the Life Culture Audit app from Apple App store and Google Play for FREE. Attend one of our Vision Boarding Parties. Share with your friends and colleagues.

Ida Byrd-Hill is CEO of Automation Workz. Ida has 30+ years of professional business experience in HR, Executive Search, Finance, Social Responsibility, Technology and Wealth Management. Ida Byrd-Hill is a graduate of University of Michigan – Ann Arbor with a BA Economics and Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University with an MBA specializing in People Management/Strategy.  She is author of 8 books, including Breakin’ Out of Your Financial Funk.

Ida Byrd-Hill CEO Automation Workz 

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