Siliski Soaps Is the Perfect Addition to Any Stocking This Holiday Season

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Siliski Soaps is a hygiene brand that screams quality. The company’s artisan soaps are made according to an uncompromising set of standards that ensure each bar, tube, and dispenser leads to soft, moisturized, and squeaky clean skin.

"Our products are built around quality, not margins," explains company founder Andrew Siliski, "We are entirely palm oil-free. We use essential oils for scent, no fragrance oils. There are no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here."

Siliski adds that the entire manufacturing process is done by hand. Soaps are created in small batches before being individually cut, weighed, and packaged.

In spite of the arduous, hand-crafted nature of the product, Siliski’s team takes the time to put every item through a stringent QA process, as well. Each batch is individually inspected. Tests are conducted for consistent quality and weight, too.

Even aesthetics are taken into consideration. The idea of adding a bar of soap into a stocking may come across as a bit bland at first — until one considers the visual and olfactory details that come with each of Siliski’s creations.

Every bar comes carefully wrapped in 100% recyclable paper packaging. In addition, the wide selection of scents, from Lemongrass to Appalachian Forest and beyond, allows an added level of personal touch with each bar and bottle.

If picking one item is the issue, Siliski has also created a number of pre-assembled bundles that can keep an individual clean and healthy far beyond the holiday season. This includes shower and bath soap kits as well as a variety of glycerin soap combinations. Siliski even covers the little details, like offering 100% cotton soap savers that can double as both a preserver and a presentation tool.

Siliski Soaps is a popular hygiene option for countless individuals year-round. However, there are few soap brands that are able to seamlessly make the transition from sanitary tool to gift as easily as Siliski. From their quality ingredients and hand-crafted attributes to their top-notch visual presentation, Siliski’s artisanal creations are a great stocking stuffer for the whole family to enjoy during the dry winter months ahead.

About Siliski: Siliski Soaps is owned and operated by Andrew Siliski. The company is located outside of Pittsburg, PA, where Andrew and his staff create their soaps by hand. The brand adheres to the strictest transparency and quality standards and is Pennsylvania Department of Health compliant. Learn more about Siliski Soaps at

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