Siliski Soaps is Championing the Needs of Those with Sensitive Skin

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áSiliski Soaps is a growing artisanal soap brand located in the sleepy town of Murrysville, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The grass-roots operation is answering a critical need for the countless individuals who wrestle with chronic sensitive skin issues on a regular basis: the issue of finding gentle yet effective soap.

Siliski Soaps founder Andrew Siliski knows how difficult it is to find a soap that is both an effective cleaner and gentle enough for sensitive skin. The founder spent years searching for a quality soap brand, only to find that even supposedly safe "olive-oil based" Castile soap was filled with palm and coconut oil alternatives.

The solution was obvious. Siliski set out to address the issue himself, and the result was Siliski Soaps. "At Siliski Soaps," the owner explains, "we make artisan soap, real soap, a pure soap made with sustainable ingredients from responsible sources." The owner goes on to clarify that all of his soaps are palm-oil-free and use key ingredients such as olive oil and essential oils.

"You’ll find no fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients here," Siliski elaborates, "Gentle, long-lasting, and perfectly balanced, we are sure you will love our time-tested and true soap and skincare products."

Along with his ingredients, Siliski is quick to point out the committed way that he goes about making his hand, face, body, and hair cleaners. The company, including its founder, continues to manufacture everything by hand. The soaps are made in small batches before being individually cut and packaged.

Even in the area of quality control, the brand shines. Each and every batch is inspected and tested for key indicators, such as quality, weight, and aesthetics.

To top it all off, Siliski has made a concerted effort to be as sustainable as possible throughout his operation. His soaps are responsibly made, are GMO- and cruelty-free, boast a low carbon footprint, and even come in 100% recyclable packaging.

From the handcrafted element to premium ingredients to a sustainable business model, Siliski Soaps is truly meeting the cleansing needs of its customers. It’s a solution that Siliski is proud to be at the center of as he provides an efficacious, responsible cleansing option to conscious consumers with sensitive skin across the nation.

About Siliski: Siliski Soaps is owned and operated by Andrew Siliski. The company operates outside of Pittsburg, PA, where Andrew and his staff create their soaps by hand. The brand adheres to the strictest transparency and quality standards and is Pennsylvania Department of Health compliant. Learn more about Siliski Soaps at

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