Shyro Launches Revolutionary Health and Wellness Tech Cooperative

BELMONT, Mass., Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shyro is proud to announce the launch of the first health and wellness tech cooperative, allowing anyone the opportunity to become an owner in the growing $4T health and wellness market.

As a co-op, Shyro can extend its ownership to all its stakeholders, not just venture capitalists and founders which is typical in the tech world. Anyone can join the Shyro co-op, sharing in its success, profits, and any future exit such as an acquisition.

“Because businesses make so much money off of our health and data, we wanted to create a health and wellness brand committed to finding every way possible to pay you for your health,” said Kat Kuzmeskas, co-founder of Shyro. “Everyone deserves their fair chance to generate wealth from health, not just elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and the venture capitalists that fund them.”

With the launch of its first product, a health app that rewards users for daily activity and sleep, Shyro has already experienced quick growth. Since its beta launch, Shyro users have tracked more than 1.8 million daily activity minutes and 39,000 sleep hours, earning points that are redeemable at nearly 800 brand partners.

“When you look at health as a way to generate wealth, you can envision the health flywheel Shyro creates. Shyro meets you where you are. Despite stressful and busy days, you are moving more than you think. Shyro highlights this and rewards you for it. We’ve found that these rewards are motivating users to develop healthier habits by moving and sleeping more,” said Kuzmeskas. “Healthier habits mean improved productivity and mood. Add rewards and shared profit, and all together they fuel a continuous, positive habit-forming loop, and the flywheel takes off.”

Shyro’s vision is to expand beyond a rewards-based health app into an inclusive, global community bringing together app users, health and wellness clinicians, and the brands that want to connect with them, offering a personalized, rewarding, and wealth building platform.

In addition to being able to join the co-op and share in the upside, Shyro also invites the community to participate in its equity crowdfunding round.

Giving all stakeholders, including app users, the opportunity to own a share through the co-op and equity investment aligns all Shyro stakeholders to make Shyro as successful as possible.

At a time of increasing distrust of Big Tech, and with Big Tech eyeing the health and wellness market, Shyro offers an alternative: a network of like-minded individuals, working together to create a global health and wellness platform that shares the upside and returns profits back to the very folks that helped to build the brand.

To download the Shyro app, become a co-op member, and invest, go here.

About Shyro Health

Shyro launched the first health and wellness tech co-op because its founders are unapologetically vocal about inequities in tech and dedicated to finding every possible upside so you can build wealth from your health.

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