Sasshay Seeks Kickstarter Funding for First Wearable Facial Soaking Cloth

SEATTLE, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sasshay™ is the first of its kind in wearable facial soaking cloths designed to enhance the outcome of facials by preparing the skin for proper exfoliation. Soakly significantly minimizes, and potentially eliminates damage that can occur from exfoliating on poorly moistened skin. The Kickstarter campaign is seeking to raise $2,000 that will be used generate awareness, ramp up marketing and scale production.

If funding is achieved, the skincare enhancement tool is estimated to begin shipping May 12, 2021 at an introductory cost of $59.

Soakly by Sasshay is made using 100% Terry Cloth and its exfoliation material is made from Viscose Rayon. It’s safe, natural, and reusable. It provides a comfortable thorough soaking of the face, neckline and décolletage using nothing but water. Soakly is adjustable and allows users to breathe comfortably, and see freely while soaking.  

“Most people are skipping the most critically important part of their skincare routine and that’s the prep,” said Kristine Marzolf CEO of Sasshay. “If you don’t thoroughly soak your skin you will won’t fully benefit from exfoliation. Irritation, inflammation and micro tearing, are only a few issues we see manifesting on poorly moistened skin.”

Soakly is adjustable and conforms to the natural curves of the face. It can be worn while lying in the bath, lounging on the sofa, or playing with the dog. It’s easy to care for and is backed with a 30-day guarantee. Soakly is made in The Great Pacific Northwest by local artisans using the finest materials from the USA and abroad.

About Sasshay™

Sasshay™ is a Seattle-based health and wellness company focused on product innovation in the beauty space. Sasshay products are designed and made in the heart of The Great Pacific Northwest. Sasshay is committed to developing a line of skincare products that improves the outcome of beauty routines.

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Kristine Marzolf
Sasshay Founder/CEO
Phone: 206.801.9219 ext 700

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