Revolutionizing the Wedding Guest Book Experience Again, FêteFone Now Offers Personalized Retro-Style Audio Guest Books for Sale

After launching audio guest books as a top wedding trend, FêteFone delivers another game-changing option for couples. Forget the rental woes — wedding memories can now have a permanent place in hearts and homes.

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — FêteFone, The Original Audio Guestbook, is thrilled to announce that starting this September, couples can now purchase a brand-new audio guest book. This sweeping change for consumers will launch on the company’s website, making it easier than ever for couples to preserve, replay and relive the warmth and love encapsulated in the heartfelt messages from their special day—and all the days to come.

Navigating the increasing costs of events and weddings can be a maze, but FêteFone brings clients a lasting keepsake that’s not only cost-savvy but also incredibly versatile. Say adieu to the headaches of rental audio guest books, like last-minute scrambles and return deadlines. Owning a FêteFone takes events to the next level, becoming a family heirloom for future celebrations. Their meticulously curated lineup of 20+ vintage-inspired phones also comes with a unique blend of style and color.

“Stepping into the retail space feels like the opening of a new chapter for us,” explains FêteFone’s founder Michael Radolinski, an esteemed event planner. “The growing enthusiasm for audio guest books since we launched in 2016 has been awe-inspiring, and we can’t wait to turn these priceless moments into lifetime keepsakes. FêteFones can now reside in the customer’s home, ready to play back their messages or capture the magic of future celebrations.”

What is the FêteFone Audio Guest Book and Why Will You Love It?

Imagine, revisiting the happiest moments of someone’s life through the sound of their grandmother’s voice or their best friend’s infectious laughter. That is the FêteFone promise—a riveting alternative to the traditional, pen-on-paper guest book that allows customers to relive the emotions, joy and love from their big day—and many more to come. The perfect wedding guest book, baby shower guest book, birthday guest book and more, FêteFone elevates your experience from mundane traditional well-wishes to something far more memorable.

FêteFone’s elegant styles of rotary, vintage and retro phones are more than just aesthetic dêcor. Powered by proprietary software, these audio guest books simulate real phone calls, playing back authentic ringing sounds and a greeting pre-recorded by the event host before guests leave their messages. Best of all, hosts can keep their FêteFone at home to listen to their new heartfelt messages or reuse at their next milestone moment.

Ease of use? FêteFone has it covered. No need for Wi-Fi or cellular service, FêteFone comes ready-to-go with an astounding 100+ hours of recording space and a 20+ hour battery.

Rounding off FêteFone’s offering, the company provides top-notch customer service. Visit their website to download free signage templates, add a virtual call-in number, or opt for professional audio engineering and vinyl records of your messages to add a dash of timeless elegance.

For more information, find FêteFone on Instagram at and on TikTok at

About FêteFone

FêteFone is an LGBT-owned small business founded by a top-rated event planner with 15+ years of experience. Based out of Maryland, the company manages the end-to-end rental and purchase experience for FêteFone. Since its debut in 2016, FêteFone has received considerable acclaim, winning awards and appearing in prestigious publications like People, UsWeekly, The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, Style Me Pretty, Carats & Cake, Black Bride and many more.

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Michael Radolinski, Founder