Revolutionizing Beauty: Onoxa and Evora Redefine the Industry, Paving an Effortless Path for All to Launch or Expand Their Skincare Brand

LARGO, Fla., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Step into the future of beauty with Onoxa and Evora as they reshape the industry landscape. In the dynamic year of 2024, driven by the pursuit of financial growth and a hunger for unique opportunities, Onoxa emerges as a trailblazer in white-label beauty products, while Evora Worldwide, its sister brand, specializes in custom formulation for over 200 thriving beauty brands. Together, they stand as vanguards of innovation, offering a groundbreaking, streamlined solution that effortlessly guides individuals and brands to forge personalized beauty lines in just a few transformative steps.

Partnering with Onoxa and Evora isn’t just a collaboration; it’s the convergence of years of cutting-edge R&D and Quality Assurance expertise, coupled with ISO Certified manufacturing, and relentless innovation. Crafted in Florida, by seasoned chemists, using premium ingredients, Onoxa and Evora are the gateway to a seamless, efficient, and affordable skincare brand journey.

“As the Vice President of Business Development for Onoxa and Evora, I am a firm believer in the transformative potential of beauty entrepreneurship with partnered growth. Collaborating with Onoxa and Evora isn’t just about developing a skincare brand; it’s an opportunity to access our trademarked ingredients, proven formulations, decades of expertise, and an unwavering commitment to quality,” asserts Mary Shively, Vice President of Business Development, World Product Solutions, creators of Onoxa and Evora. “Our streamlined process and innovative products empower entrepreneurs to reshape the beauty landscape, ensuring an easy, efficient, and rewarding partnership journey. Because when you grow, we grow.”

Onoxa’s online platform, tailored for visionaries, offers a strategic approach to launching or expanding brands with white-label skincare and haircare products. Simultaneously, Evora, the epitome of the beauty industry’s innovation, collaborates to design unique custom formulations for the skincare, haircare, and body care categories.

Unlock Success with Onoxa and Evora 
Tailored beauty solutions for influencers, aestheticians, salons, spas, dermatologists, and expanding brands.

  • Beauty Influencers: Increase engagement among followers with one’s own skincare brand, unlocking additional revenue streams.
  • Licensed Aestheticians: Elevate income by crafting and selling a skincare line tailored for clients.
  • Salons and Spas: Expand offerings seamlessly, eliminating the burden of excessive overhead costs.
  • Dermatologists: Enhance one’s brand with seamlessly integrated new products, elevating an existing line.
  • Existing Brands Seeking Expansion: Expand one’s product range with Onoxa and Evora’s trademarked ingredients targeting consumer needs.

Onoxa: Effortless Beauty Branding
Start with a low-cost sample kit featuring full-size, high-quality products and premium packaging options. Test the products, then begin the launch process of one’s own skincare brand by collaborating with Onoxa’s expert designers for complimentary label creation. Rapid brand creation with low minimum orders, free label design, and printing, along with a 14-business-day turnaround time. Learn more at

Evora: Elevating Beauty Brands with Unparalleled Expertise
Partner with Evora Worldwide, a beauty industry standout with over 200 brand partnerships and extensive experience. Renowned for developing 2,000+ formulas across skincare, haircare, and body care, Evora prioritizes innovation. Benefit from its portfolio of trademarked ingredients, samples, and comprehensive testing services, all managed by a dedicated US-based project manager. Learn more at

Backed by an in-house US-based Research & Development Lab and Quality Assurance Lab, both Onoxa and Evora offer proven, clean formulas crafted by seasoned chemists in its US-based manufacturing facility in Largo, FL. Benefit from UL Certified, ISO 22716:2007 Certified, and cGMP Certified manufacturing, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Trust in the unwavering commitment to excellence, transparency, and USA-based manufacturing from both Onoxa and Evora for unparalleled beauty solutions.

Ready to Transform a Skincare Brand?
Seize the opportunity with Onoxa and Evora – pioneers of innovation. Explore possibilities and kickstart a beauty journey at For custom beauty products, visit The future of beauty begins now. Embrace it with Onoxa and Evora and connect socially at @onoxa_com and @evoraworldwide.

Onoxa and Evora, leading forces in the beauty industry, redefine success through innovation and expertise. Onoxa, a trailblazer in white-label beauty products, empowers entrepreneurs with a streamlined process to effortlessly launch or expand personalized beauty lines. Evora Worldwide, its sister brand, specializes in crafting custom beauty solutions, collaborating with over 200 thriving brands to design bespoke formulations. Discover more at and

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