Restful Pump® Develops Prototype for First-to-Market Forward Leaning Ergonomic Lactation System

BOSTON, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Restful Pump®, Inc., a company based in Pembroke, Massachusetts, has developed a prototype for the first-to-market forward-leaning ergonomic lactation system. The Restful Pump® Chair is a Class I Medical Device that allows women to rest, sleep, or multitask in a supportive hands-free position while they use any breast pump. These units offer comfort, convenience, and productivity while possibly reducing breast tissue complications and increasing pumping durations. With a doctor’s prescription, this product aims to be as medically necessary as a breast pump in the postpartum period. Users can also nurse their babies while sitting on the chair rather than leaning forward. In a recent survey, over 90% of anonymous survey participants showed interest in the Restful Pump® product line, and there is massive potential for annual recurring revenue for investors. The device currently has seven patents pending, and one USPTO patent approved.

“The Restful Pump Chair can help postpartum breast pumping mothers manage fatigue, sleep deprivation, breast pumping positioning, milk supply issues, pain, and/or breast tissue complications. This device can also be beneficial in times of formula shortages. Additionally, we are addressing multitasking efficiency while pumping for women returning to employment. New parents can become consumed with a newborn however, breast pumping remains a chore every four to five hours, 24 hours a day,” stated Micolene Boddie PT, CSCS and founder of Restful Pump.

“With this device, women can be ergonomically supported to rest, sleep or multitask while they pump. As a busy new mom and a physical therapist with an ergonomics background, I was determined to address the gap in the marketplace that would help millions of families. This medical device offers ergonomic, low impact, hands-free forward-leaning positioning to possibly reduce breast tissue complications and manage possible orthopedic pain issues. With attention to detail, the Restful Pump Team and I are confident we will continue to grow and help millions of moms, babies and families thrive globally.”

The company is passionate about providing hands-free, ergonomic positioning systems for postpartum women to achieve their pumping goals. Properly positioning exhausted lactating mothers in a safe, comfortable, stress-reduced environment may assist them to produce much-needed breastmilk while simultaneously navigating around possible formula shortages. Restful Pump has been evolving and now has over 20 products to make breast pumping easier for moms, babies, and families. The lactation system company has patents pending in the United States, Canada, European Union (27 countries), and Australia.

Restful Pump is preparing for the design transfer to continue with medical device engineering to its third-party ISO13485 Quality Management Medical Device Engineering Facility in Massachusetts. Medical device manufacturing is soon to follow. It is the company’s goal to become cash flow positive in year two.

Restful Pump®, Inc. intends that its product line will be utilized in:

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Systems and Maternity Wards
  • Medical Doctors
  • Women’s postpartum homecare by lactation consultants, midwives, and doulas as a breastfeeding and pumping teaching tool.
  • Corporate Lactation Suites
  • Public Venues (airports, sporting venues, etc.)
  • Durable medical equipment supply companies
  • Pharmacies
  • Global retail stores.

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