Ranya Al-Huthaili Speaks about Her Story, Inspiring Women to Build Support Networks and Develop Self-Confidence

ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Ranya Al-Huthaili was born to a wealthy Saudi Arabian family. She emigrated to the United States, went to college, and was headed for great success. Then she found herself in a relationship that would detour her down a path she could have never foreseen, a path filled with unexpected choices, lack of support, and difficult consequences.

She taught herself to be stronger, both physically and emotionally. She’s learned that a submissive life is an unfulfilled life, one that lacks the vibrance of a life lived on one’s own terms. She speaks to women about these issues, teaching them to assert themselves, grow stronger, and take charge of their own lives.

"They say experience is the best teacher," Ranya said. "If that’s the case, I have my Master’s Degree in Life Experiences. I grew up believing that women were frail and submissive. This led me to a place where I found a partner who didn’t care about me but used me to get what he wanted. I learned how to be strong, how to be myself, how to be powerful, despite an upbringing that taught me I couldn’t make any of these decisions on my own."

Ranya was taught that women were to be submissive, do as they are told, and not "make waves" when the men made decisions or wanted them to do something. In fact, she grew up in a place where women weren’t allowed to drive. This submissiveness places women in situations where they make bad decisions for themselves, become depressed and unhappy, to live an unfulfilled life.

Today, Ranya is an aspiring speaker, delivering her story with humor and humility. She uses her experiences, with the extremes of a Muslim upbringing and some unimagined choices, to teach other women to be stronger, more assertive, and intolerant of a world that sees them as less than men.

"We hear from our parents, ‘Learn from your mistakes,’" Ranya said. "My mistakes were believing what I was told and making decisions that are contrary to my core being, all because I was told I had no choice.

"You have a choice. I’m telling every woman, you have a choice. Together, we will grow stronger, be more independent, and learn to build powerful, trustworthy support networks to help us make the right decisions."

Ranya Al-Huthaili is an entrepreneur, aspiring speaker, and podcaster. She aspires to hold speaking events and share her story to help women develop a positive attitude and resilience. Her focus is on sharing content discussing the challenges that women face every day. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, her story is an inspiring example of embracing change. You can hear more of Ranya’s story on her new podcast available on Spotify.

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