Quarantine’s Secret Gift to Kids That Every Parent Should Know About

MIAMI, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As difficult as the quarantine has been, it’s given stressed out kids an opportunity to slow down and realize what’s really important. 

It’s given them a chance to learn more about themselves, feel better and gain confidence and self-esteem.

“They’re not bouncing from one structured event to another,” said Dr. Simone Alicia D.D.h.c., who is known as The Self Esteem Doctor. “There’s nothing wrong with slowing down once in a while. Sometimes schools and parents put too much stress and pressure on kids.”

She has created a virtual online learning platform called The Self Esteem Doctor Academy to help parents and their kids, aged seven to teenagers, improve the way they’re thinking and feeling about themselves.

It includes free quarantine lessons and tips, free resource library, free courses and a free 15 minute consultation. The goal is to improve a child’s mindset and ability to choose better behaviors and outcomes.

Kids can relate to Simone because of her humorous, playful and silly nature. She started her career as an elementary school teacher and has a Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa (D.D.h.c.), M.S. in Business Management and a B.A. in Elementary Education.

This pressure and stress placed on our kids is creating negative effects. Little girls, who see tall, skinny models with flawless skin that many people call “perfect,” wonder why they’re not that way and often develop self-esteem issues.

“When you paint a picture and explain that less than one percent of the world’s population really looks like that and there’s a lot of lighting and camera tricks, it puts it all in perspective for them. We’re talking about re-calibrating perspectives and encouraging kids not to get stuck in one type of thinking,” said Simone.

It’s not all about looks, she also uses many techniques such as neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to help kids who have been bullied, dealing with fear or other challenges.

She used it on a boy who was in pain with irritable bowels syndrome and couldn’t sleep for months. Though he felt better after months of medication, he still couldn’t sleep because he was afraid the pain would return. Within a two-hour NLP session, he went home and slept.

“It works because it changes the mind on a dime. It’s about giving them choices and tools to make those changes. He wanted to feel better and wanted to sleep. I just helped him. I love using NLP and it’s part of my courses so anyone can know how to use it,” said Simone.

She also uses a rehearsal technique called positive mental practice so kids can prepare for events that scare them. The idea is to run an activity in your mind before you do it.

It fools your brain into thinking you’ve done the activity before.  She uses this technique to prepare children for life changing events like entering a new social situation, preparing for a competition or starting a new school year.

“I helped a girl who had diabetes and needed a service dog to detect when her sugar levels were dropping. She was nervous about the first day of school. We rehearsed the entire day at school with the dog beside her. We reduced her anxiety, built her confidence and found a couple of things she could prepare for,” said Simone.

She also helped another girl who was shy around other kids and was going to a new school.

“We walked through how she could initiate conversation and imagined the comfort she would feel while talking with classmates. We also added journaling. It turned out to be the most extraordinary school year of her life. She made tons of friends, got invited to parties and was socializing all the time,” said Simone.

All these techniques work because it’s about changing a child’s mindset. It’s how they’re thinking and feeling that determine their self-esteem, mindset and behavior.

If we can get kids to shift to a more positive, optimistic, creative mindset they can help themselves get through fears. The Self-Esteem Doctor Academy website also offers private lessons, kids group online coaching and fun interactive Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids courses.

“Our Easy Self Esteem Builder is an interactive video course that builds self-esteem. It’s self-paced with tools, tips, techniques and a few ‘Game Show’ style questions,” said Simone.  

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