Powerhouse Beauty Brands, oVertone and BOOM! Beauty Appoint Barbara Roll as CEO

Beauty industry veteran to lead BOOM! Beauty and oVertone into a new era of growth and innovation

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Beauty industry leader Barbara Roll has been named Chief Executive Officer of renowned beauty brands BOOM! Beauty, a leading beauty brand specializing in products for mature skin, and oVertone, known for its dye free and harm free rich range of semi-permanent color-depositing conditioners, the two companies announced today.

Roll, who previously held the position of Chief Growth Officer at BOOM! Beauty and oVertone, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role as CEO. With over a decade of industry-leading experience and a proven track record of driving growth and implementing strategic initiatives, Roll has been instrumental in the success and expansion of both brands. As Chief Growth Officer, Roll played a pivotal role in developing and executing strategic plans that propelled both brands to new heights in the beauty industry. Her dedication to innovation, customer engagement, and brand development has been a driving force behind both companies’ continued successes.

“We are thrilled to announce Barbara Roll as the CEO of BOOM! Beauty and oVertone,” said Pepijn Gooiker, President & COO at BOOM! Beauty. “Barbara’s leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in the success of both brands, and we are confident that under her guidance, BOOM! Beauty and oVertone will continue to thrive and set new benchmarks in the beauty industry.”

As the newly appointed CEO, Roll will continue to lead BOOM! Beauty and oVertone into a new era of growth and innovation. Her vision for the future includes expanding product lines, enhancing customer experiences, and further solidifying BOOM! Beauty and oVertone as leaders in the beauty industry.

Roll expressed her excitement about her new role, stating, “I am honored and excited to lead BOOM! Beauty and oVertone as CEO. These brands have a rich history of innovation and a strong connection with our customers. I look forward to building on our success and taking BOOM! Beauty and oVertone to new heights.”

About BOOM! Beauty
BOOM! Beauty is a leading beauty brand specializing in products for mature skin. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of mature skin, BOOM! Beauty has developed innovative solutions backed by meticulous research and development. Their commitment to health, safety, and sustainability sets them apart in the beauty industry. For more company information, please visit boombeauty.com.

About oVertone
Motivated by years of damaged and faded hair, oVertone founders Maegan Scarlett and Liora Dudar created a product they had always wanted: a hair-healthy dye alternative that could both achieve and maintain head-turning vivid hair colors. Since its launch in 2014, oVertone has become known as an industry disruptor in the hair color space, building a radically inclusive digital community, and providing consumers a means to condition their way to colorful, healthy hair. For more information or to purchase products, visit oVertone.co.

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