Post Menopausal Women’s Sexual Health Still Suffering Due To Majority Of Doctors Not Discussing Pelvic Floor Therapy

After being in business for over nine years, Tara Langdale-Schmidt still receives calls daily from women who have vaginal atrophy and are unaware of dilator therapy.

SARASOTA, Fla., April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — One Florida women’s health advocate wants women to know that they might not be receiving all the information they need at their gynecologist when it comes to painful intercourse. Tara Langdale-Schmidt, President of the VuVa Magnetic Vaginal Dilator company is recognizing that there is a major void when it comes to your physician discussing pelvic floor therapy.

“Many of our post-menopausal customers have gone to the doctors for years to discuss vaginal atrophy and given estrogen only. There are two parts to atrophy and many doctors are missing the muscular component of treatment with pelvic floor therapy. Hundreds of women call me every month asking me why their doctor did not tell them about vaginal dilators.” Langdale-Schmidt states. She invented the VuVa Neodymium Vaginal Dilator Set after being diagnosed with Vulvodynia back in 2013 and now has helped over 100,000 women all over the world.

According to the National Library of Medicine, reports show that 15% of the female population experiences symptoms of vaginal atrophy before menopause, whereas 40% to 57% of postmenopausal women have symptoms. Menopause causes a dramatic 95% reduction in estrogen production which can cause painful intercourse.

VuVa’s patented Neodymium Vaginal Dilators are home therapy tools used by women who have pain during intercourse caused by conditions such as Vaginal Atrophy, Vulvodynia, Vulvar Vestibulitis, Vaginismus, Vaginal Stenosis, Pudendal Neuralgia, Vaginal Agenesis and Atrophy due to Pelvic Radiation Therapy. VuVa dilator sets are used to regenerate vaginal capacity, expand the vaginal walls, add elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual intercourse. VuVa Magnetic Dilators are smooth lightweight plastic, that come in a variety of graduated sizes. In a clinical trial conducted by Chief Investigator and Pelvic Pain Specialist Dr. Michael Swor in Sarasota, FL, it was shown that VuVa Neodymium Magnetic Dilators reduced pain in 80% of study subjects with no side effects reported.  Neodymium Magnets are within each dilator that increase blood flow and relieve sexual discomfort while soft tissue lengthens, relaxing muscles and ligaments. As the tissue relaxes, the Neodymium magnets increase blood flow to the painful area calming nerves. VuVa™ Dilators are the only patented dilators available with Neodymium magnets.  

“Women are finally realizing that there is a missing component to their sexual health treatment options and estrogen alone is not enough. You do not need a referral to make an appointment with a pelvic floor physical therapist unless your insurance requires it. You can start your safe home therapy with VuVa Dilators at any time. We are more than happy to answer any questions through phone or email. If you need dilators, you can order without a prescription  at,” Langdale-Schmidt states. 

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