Personalized Baby Blankets from Happy Vibes Mall Earn Nearly Perfect Rating from Amazon Customers

Hundreds of happy customers have ordered customized baby blankets via the Happy Vibes Mall on Amazon

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to welcoming a new bundle of joy to the world, there’s no better way to swaddle a baby than with a special soft blanket. Happy Vibes Mall set out to offer a personalized baby blanket that was easy for customers, including expectant moms and dads, to tailor and order. They launched their specialty baby blankets exclusively on Amazon and have been met with an overwhelming volume of positive feedback. In fact, they’ve garnered 600 nearly perfect ratings from satisfied customers.

Personalized baby blankets from Happy Vibes Mall include parameters that can be customized, such as size, color, and more. Sizing options include 30 x 40″, 50 x 60″ and 60 x 80″. Once this has been chosen, customers choose from 36 trendy colors and 36 icon options such as sea creatures, pets and animals, spaceships, paw prints, footballs, cowboy boots, and more. Customers can also choose the name and font for the typeset.

While there are certainly many options available online and in retail stores when it comes to the perfect baby blanket, Happy Vibes Mall is one of the few companies that are making it so easy for parents, caregivers, and loved ones to fully customize baby blankets for boys and girls through the global ecommerce blockbuster Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s convenient built-in features, many people already use it, and they can simply add their Happy Vibes Mall order to their ongoing purchase.

Happy Vibes Mall knew that people wanted an easy way to customize baby blankets, but they wanted to take their product above and beyond expectations by offering the ultimate in comfort. This has been achieved, as Happy Vibes Mall has engineered their baby blankets with 100% polyester to be velveteen, plush, and super soft. All Happy Vibes Mall personalized blankets are printed in the U.S.A. for the ultimate in buying confidence and are bound with durable double stitching. “Your unique gift will last a lifetime with no fading,” said a spokesperson at Happy Vibes Mall.

So far, thousands of customers have chosen Happy Vibes Mall for their personalized baby blanket purchases and have used these special baby blankets as new mom gifts, baby shower presents, children’s birthday gifts, Christenings, Baptisms, and Christmas gifts. They can be used all year long with confidence and often become baby’s favorite comfort items.

“I work at a daycare with infants and I choose to get my kids presents for their 1 year old birthdays,” said a recent customer. “These are amazing, I bought my first one being very skeptical, but they are amazing. I just purchased my 5th one today and will continue to for all my kiddos!! My kids love the texture and their parents love the personalized aspect!”

Another customer, who also left a five-star review, commented, “So soft and snuggly! It was beautiful and received so many compliments at the shower. This is a great gift, especially for kiddos going to daycare.”

To begin an order, customers can simply visit the Happy Vibes Mall personalized baby blanket page on Amazon and click “Customize Now”. They are then walked through a brief process that allows them to customize various aspects of their orders. Then, they can place their order with confidence that fast shipping is provided with each and every order.

The team at Happy Vibes Mall is excited to offer their exquisite customizable baby gifts ahead of the Christmas holidays and beyond. Currently, customers can receive a discount when they apply a coupon found on the item’s Amazon page. More information can be found at or

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