PDO Max® Elevating the Client Experience with New Executive Hires in Training and Marketing

SYRACUSE, N.Y., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Aesthetic industry pioneer Dina BenDavid, aka The Thread Authority, joins PDO Max as Director of Training and Clinical Development, and Diana Daly joins as Vice President of Marketing and Client Experience.

PDO Max is excited to announce that Dina BenDavid has been hired as the Director of Training and Clinical Development. This critical and full-time role provides the foundation for delivering on PDO Max’s mission of providing and training on the most effective ways to restore the indicators of health, using minimally invasive techniques that offer stunning results. Dina’s responsibilities include training and mentoring PDO Max’s educators and delivering training to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical spas with a medical director. Dina has developed signature techniques to lift and contour facial tissue using Polydioxanone (PDO) threads and was amongst the first providers in the U.S. who is trained and certified to use them. Recognizing her keen, artistic eye and talent for novel application of threads, Dina has become one of the most sought-after PDO thread trainers in the country. She will also use her expertise to assist with new product selection and training strategies. On the clinical development front, she will review and refine clinical protocols and clinical study reports ensuring accuracy of scientific, clinical, and medical content.

Dina is a board-certified nurse practitioner, holds both a Master’s and Doctoral degrees, and is a professor of nursing and clinical trainer in medical aesthetics. She has trained alongside the world’s leading industry experts and is founder and owner of Divine Beauty + Wellness, a renowned aesthetics practice and destination spa on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

“PDO Max strives to exceed client expectations, so that the beauty, health and wellness of practitioners’ customers are never compromised. Dina brings this mission and passion to everything she does, which is why she is one of our most sought-after trainers and now our Director of Training. She not only provides world-class, hands-on training but she empowers aesthetic practitioners to develop unique skillsets using our PDO threads while helping them achieve their business growth aspirations.” –Giovanna McCarthy, Founder of PDO Max.

Diana Daly was recently brought on as V.P. of Marketing and Client Experience at PDO Max. Diana is responsible for developing PDO Max’s marketing strategy to create awareness of the company’s business activities and bring heightened awareness to the growing demand for PDO Max products, as well as assisting in the overall onboarding and relationship management of practitioners using the PDO products and trainings. Diana will produce valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design and organizing the company’s publications to help reach a national audience of medical practitioners and their clientele.

Diana has been passionate about marketing since the beginning of her career over 15 years ago and has honed her skills most recently as Head of Product Relationships for Atria Wealth Solutions, a financial firm based in Manhattan, where she worked with strategic partners promoting the value of the firm and the various product solutions for financial professionals.

“When I think about the value that PDO Max brings to the aesthetic marketplace, I know it’s about quality, innovation, and red-carpet customer service. PDO Max’s vision for their client-base is unrivaled in this industry,” Diana says. I look forward to developing the brand and strategy to continue to elevate the customer experience and bring our products and trainings to new heights.”

About: PDO MAX, Inc. is headquartered in Syracuse, NY, and is a medical device provider for medical aesthetic needs in the U.S. PDO Max is the trusted provider of hundreds of medical practices utilizing its proprietary FDA cleared (K190245) Polydioxanone threads (PDO) in their medical aesthetics practices. PDO Max offers both group and individual instructional courses, which cover the application of PDO techniques. For more information regarding PDO MAX threads, to place an order, or to attend an educational seminar, please contact PDO MAX at 800-670-0225 or visit https://www.pdomax.com.

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