PCOS Severity Is Linked to Insulin Resistance — and Gynov Can Help

The French Health Company Uses Myo-Inositol Supplements to Manage Significant PCOS Symptoms

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a prevalent female health concern. As much as 12% of American women suffer from the condition, and it is one of the most common causes of infertility. While PCOS is something millions of women across the nation struggle with, it’s possible to address the issue through a basic study of the root cause — something that the French health company Gynov has been doing for years now.

Gynov has created its groundbreaking product Gynositol® as a way to manage the most severe symptoms of PCOS by focusing on a key area: insulin resistance. Studies have shown that the degree of insulin resistance in a woman’s body correlates with the severity of their PCOS symptoms — specifically the degree of disturbance in their menstrual cyclicity. In other words, if vaginal bleeding is disrupted or irregular, it points to a more severe case of PCOS.

Gynositol® addresses the issue through a targeted combination of 5-MTHF (a bioactive form of Vitamin B9, also known as folates) and the critical ingredient Myo-inositol. The latter is particularly important when it comes to insulin resistance.

Myo-inositol and its derivatives are essential for the proper functioning of cellular metabolism, especially in areas with important needs, such as folliculogenesis. However, PCOS is associated with much higher rates of inositol elimination through urinary clearance. The resulting lack of inositol, insufficiently compensated by dietary intake, induces or worsens preexisting insulin resistance. Gynositol® addresses this by providing a targeted dose of 2g of Myo-inositol ingested twice a day to compensate for the ongoing deficit.

“Myo-inositol supplementation improves the pathology of PCOS,” explains Gynov founder Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD. “It restores ovarian function, improves oocyte quality, and helps reduce insulin resistance and therefore gestational diabetes incidence and severity.” Dr. Mousset’s team has worked hard to provide its simple yet profound PCOS-focused product as a natural solution to help manage PCOS through increased inositol levels. It offers an accessible and pain-free option for women struggling with higher insulin resistance and the other severe menstrual and reproductive symptoms that come with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The product is recognized by countless health professionals and research institutions around the world and is currently available in the United States.

About Gynov: Gynov was founded in France in 2016 by Pierre-Yves Mousset, MD. Gynov prides itself on using advanced scientific methods to develop high-quality, effective dietary supplements dedicated to women’s health and beyond. These are created according to pharmaceutical requirements to support the efficacy of prescription drugs and help provide genuine solutions for female health concerns. Learn more at: gynov.com.

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