Orbit Coffee Offers a Triple-Punch Pick-Me-Up

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbit Coffee is an energy-boosting brand that is looking to reinvent the concept of the pick-me-up. Rather than overwhelming customers with a shocking amount of caffeine, Orbit Coffee pouches have been designed with three distinct elements that help to provide a distinct, effective, and long-lasting form of energy.

The founders at Orbit Coffee created their company out of a desire to find a stable energy solution. In the words of brand reps Franco Donati, Manuel Battarra, and Franca Macellani, “We wanted to create an energy booster with coffee flavour that offers to the consumers a way to achieve peak performance during high-intensity activities.”

This seemingly simple goal is about as challenging as they come — as any number of energy drink brands will readily attest to. In spite of the difficulties, the Orbit team set to work and eventually settled on a list of the most effective energy compounds they could find. This included three distinct elements:

  • The fast carbohydrates fructose and dextrose added to provide energy quickly;
  • Slow carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin and isomaltulose to sustain the energy level;
  • The Peruvian superfood Maca root to enhance both cognitive and physical performance.

These three items were added to the mixture and calibrated for optimum energy-boosting effect. The result was a powerful blend that, when consumed, could wake someone up, sharpen their mental clarity, and give them a sustainable form of energy.

To top it all off, they wrapped everything up with a delicious hint of Italian chocolate flavor. Delivered in a convenient open-and-go pouch, the drink holds true to the brand’s slogan to “Open it. Drink it. Lift off.”

Orbit Coffee has proven itself to be an effective solution to the all-too-common energy slump. The innovative energy booster has already been a hit in Europe and has been making waves in North American markets ever since its U.S. debut last year. Its initial ability to resonate with consumers bodes well for a brand that is shooting for the stars.

About Orbit Coffee: Orbit Coffee was created by Cleverit Corp, a subsidiary of the leading Italian sports nutrition brand EthicSport. The product was created to help sustain athletes, professionals, and consumers of all walks of life who were looking for a convenient, predictable, and long-lasting form of energy.

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