Nuzest-USA’s Clean Lean Protein Product Wins Award for Best Plant-Based Protein Powder Supplement of 2023

Nuzest-USA’s Clean Lean Protein product has received the Smart Drugs and Supplements award for the best plant-based protein powder supplement of 2023. This entrepreneurial enterprise is unique amongst the vast numbers of would-be competitors within its market for its notable focus on pure, hypoallergenic, vegan product ingredients, as well as for its climate-friendly sourcing and manufacturing policies and practices.

NEW YORK, April 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Nuzest’s emphasis on product quality and manufacturing integrity is not surprising given its unique family-based history. Founded in New Zealand in 2012 by Trevor Bolland, the corporation’s products were first formulated to meet the needs of Bolland’s daughter, Monique, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 22 years old. [See full press release.]

The global plant-based protein supplements market size was valued at USD 2.52 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.8 percent from 2022 to 2030. The market’s expansion can be attributed to rising consumer awareness of the nutritional value of plant-based products, which tend to be high in amino acids and low in sodium.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a moderate impact on the plant-based protein supplements market. The demand for plant-based foods was significantly higher during the pandemic. The sale of retail plant-based foods was 35 percent higher amid panic buying in March and April 2020, as per a survey by the Plant-Based Foods Association.

Various awareness campaigns launched by non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and companies have increased consumer understanding of the nutritional benefits offered by protein supplements, which is expected to drive market growth. Consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based diets as their awareness of animal welfare and environmental sustainability grows. During the forecast period, aggressive promotion and marketing efforts in fitness centers and gyms, as well as the introduction of novel protein supplement products such as ready-to-drink supplements, are expected to boost product demand.

Nuzest is taking advantage of these trends by producing high-quality products that feature the best natural ingredients available. The company has also built a reputation for developing methods to ensure that those ingredients are minimally processed and turned into a clean powder. This helps to protect the environment as well as the customers who use these products. [See full press release]


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