Nuzest (NUZEST-USA) Named Top Company for Fast-Paced Growth by News7Health

News7Health has named Nuzest (Nuzest-USA) — a nutritional supplement provider with the noteworthy Clean Lean Protein product — as the business most significantly poised for fast-paced growth among its peers in the protein supplement and plant-based foods category. Nuzest is a highly promising industry disruptor and rising trendsetter whose anticipated growth in both sales and market share is slated to outpace that of its more established competitors and counterparts in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace. Nuzest is indeed a company to watch.

NEW YORK, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NUZEST-USA has been recognized by News7Health, which announced today that this particularly entrepreneurial and innovative provider of nutritional supplement products has been named best in its class, based upon consumer reviews and product research conducted by News7Health. [See Full Release]

The total consumer market for nutritional supplements worldwide is currently at $50.3 billion and is expected to surge past $160.5 billion by 2030 as consumer awareness of the potential health benefits of protein supplements increases, fueled by the post-Covid demand for improved nutrition and better dietary practices.

The protein supplement market, which includes a growing appetite for plant-based products, is currently estimated to be $25.6 billion. At a compound annual growth rate of close to 10%, it is expected to reach or exceed $41.23 billion by 2028. As news reporting of food sensitivities, allergies, and immune issues increasingly takes center stage, NUZEST Clean Lean Protein will be in increasing demand.

NUZESTUSA produces and sells a variety of plant-based protein products substantially better in terms of potency, quality, and value than the other brands in this crowded industry, which is characterized by a few very dominant participants that are long-standing nutritional brands, and a large, growing population of smaller, mostly young companies aggressively competing for customers.

NUZESTUSA offers Clean Lean Protein drink mix, a pure, plant-based protein supporting the body’s recovery, repair, and vitality. High in protein, low in carbohydrates and sugar, and free from common allergens, this product represents an innovative nutritional option. Read much more about this up-and-coming brand at NUZESTUSA. [See Full Release]


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