No More Messes: Pearce & Parker Pioneers New Look for Baby Food Storage

HILTON HEAD, S.C., Sept. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For busy moms, it’s hard to imagine a worse scenario than after a hard day at work, opening up the refrigerator to dozens of mismatched containers and jars of baby food spilling out. And for former South Carolina school psychologist, Holly McLaughlin, that exact reason is why her company, Pearce & Parker, was born. The baby food storage system takes meal organization for little ones from a dreaded chore to a seamless experience.

Already deemed a "can’t live without" product with mom-oriented groups throughout Hilton Head as well as her hometown of Palm Springs, California, McLaughlin developed her first prototype of Pearce & Parker five years ago. As the mom of two boys, she was tired of experiencing total frustration at the sight of lost pouches and baby food containers before each mealtime session. Unable to find a solution on the market, McLaughlin’s design skills and handy work with a glue gun and foam board would lead her to create the line of products, which easily attach to the underutilized space inside a fridge door. She decided to name the company after her two boys, Cayden Pearce and Landon Parker.

"I had put my dream of launching Pearce & Parker nationally on hold for my job and while I am so grateful for that time, I could not help but give in to an overwhelming feeling that told me to go for it now, almost five years to the day after I created that first prototype," said McLaughlin. "With so many moms trying to balance working from home with also providing childcare, having a sense of organization is more important now than ever."

Available in two products, Pearce & Parker’s line of Cutie Cubbies and Happy Hooks are each designed to display a baby’s personal food inventory including what’s been opened and when. Cutie Cubbies offer color-coded lids, clearly marked with the days of the week so food is always fresh, thus eliminating the need for messy labels and wrapping. Meanwhile, the Happy Hooks system is designed to hold up to 14 pouches. Food can also be planned for weeks ahead, simplifying communication between parents to their spouses, nannies, and caregivers on a baby’s dietary needs.

McLaughlin plans to officially launch Pearce & Parker in early December. The products will be available online with a goal of major retailers. Pricing will range between $25$60. For more information and to sign up for pre-launch updates, visit

About Pearce & Parker
Pearce & Parker is a company that exists to simplify the lives of busy parents. The revolutionary baby food storage system is designed for seamless organization and meal planning. Developed by mom, Holly McLaughlin, and named after her two boys, Pearce & Parker offers multiple products that can be easily attached to the already-underutilized space inside a refrigerator door. For more information on Pearce & Parker, visit

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