New Substack Series Reconciles Science and Scripture

Finding God in Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, and Psychology

SANTA YNEZ, Calif., April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Faith of a Child Foundation launched a new series of articles this week on Substack. Titled Hard Head + Soft Heart, the series of essays dive deeply into scientific observations and measurements of the world around us. The series will explore questions where Science and the Bible agree in surprising ways:

  • How could everything be created in six days? Answering from God’s relativistic point of view.
  • The miraculous chemical properties of Water and why it fits as a metaphor for Grace.
  • Who wrote the Laws of Physics? How theories about random creation of a “multiverse” are much less likely than an Intelligent Creator.
  • How did DNA first assemble itself? What are the chances that proteins randomly formed amino acids and positioned themselves to become DNA?
  •  What is consciousness? What is a conscience? How do these fit with our theories of evolution and our observations of animal behavior?
  • Fibonacci numbers, the Golden Ratio, and the footprints of Creation in flowers, waves, and galaxies.
  •  Astronomical calculations that confirm the Star of Bethlehem and the eclipse on Good Friday, April 3, 33 AD.
  • How the nuclear family and our relationships reflect the Trinity and our relationship with God.

The first article examines the Miracles of creation described in Genesis, and marvels how Genesis correctly listed a sequence of Creation that matches our observations:  Light, then space, then solid and liquid matter, biology, and finally humans,” commented Joe Madden, the lead author for the series.  “If Moses was the author of Genesis, 3400 years ago, how did he know things that Stephen Hawking discovered so much later?”

“Math is the language of God,” continued Mr. Madden. “Physics is his Toolbox and Biology is his Art Form. This series of articles is a journey, in search of truth about how God built our world.”  

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Hard Head + Soft Heart.:

Written by Joe Madden, a student of Physics and a 30-year veteran of technology development, this series of articles examines any perceived conflict between our observations of Nature and Biblical attempts to explain the world.  Recent articles include:   Moses and the Big Bang and Water:  The surprising and unique chemical properties that make Life possible.

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