New Online Course Teaches People How to Use Art to Heal and Feel Better

Called The Art Alternative, the six-video module course was conceived by an artist who shares the techniques she says she used to overcome her own debilitating illnesses

PRESCOTT, Ariz., Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Could looking at art restore people’s health as well as their souls? According to Annessa Morrison, if done properly in the manner she prescribes, it may very well do so.

Working under the name Abstract Annessa, Morrison has been painting full-time for eight years after discovering that viewing and creating art helped her heal from the debilitating symptoms of lupus and fibromyalgia. In response to the many questions people asked her about her own return to health, Morrison has developed a new online course, The Art Alternative: A Course in Visual Healing, consisting of a six-video module format that buyers will have access to whenever they want on whatever device they choose.

Morrison says, “I understand if some people think it sounds too simple to believe. But in fact, getting ready to use my routine the right way takes some time, thought, and careful crafting. And in my course available on the Mastermind platform, I walk people through every step of what I did that worked for me.”

She adds, “Once people have finished my course, they’ll have a 15-minute routine customizable for their specific health that mirrors the same routine that cured me.”

The Art Alternative course has been endorsed by chiropractic physician Robert Boehland and mind body medicine, energy healing, traditional naturopath and emotion code specialist Dr. Janina Ward

Boehland explains, “Finding ways to cope and handle stress (whether it physical, emotional or chemical stress) is essential to allow the body to heal. There are many ways we can help unlock the healing potential but one of the best ways is to reduce stress and find rest/recovery: essentially giving your body what it needs. Annessa’s program aims to do just that, helping overcome hurdles and unlock areas of your health so you can properly heal.” 

Ward, who used the program herself, adds, “It’s a great platform to help program the subconscious mind to heal you from within. What I noticed was being much more focused throughout the day to make the choices that will allow my body and mind to heal.”

As an incentive to try the course now, Morrison is allowing people to receive the first module for free when they follow this link.

About Annessa Morrison 

Annessa Morrison is a working artist and painter who creates art using 15 distinct techniques that she has found help immerse individuals in the act of looking at art. She also speaks to groups about self-healing. She holds an associate degree in graphic design from Platt College.

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