New Membership Model for Somatic Breathwork™ Expands Healing Opportunities Worldwide

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Somatic Breathwork™, one of the leading purveyors of healing and actualization through a powerful breath practice, is expanding their operations via a new membership model that provides more opportunities and resources for people to get the curative help they need.

“Since we first started, our goal has been to help as many people as we can to reclaim their mind & body through breathwork and refocus their lives for success, recover from trauma and connect with their larger community,” said Steven Jaggers, Founder of Somatic Breathwork™. “Our new membership model is designed to do exactly that. Whether you’re looking to develop a deeper relationship to self, release suppressed emotions or find mental clarity, a Somatic Breathwork™ membership can help you accomplish your goals.”

Single Somatic Breathwork™ sessions have always been available, but SBW is offering two new tiers of membership: a monthly version and an annual option. Each model provides the same monthly benefits that go beyond single sessions: 2 LIVE Virtual Somatic Breathwork™ Sessions, held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of every month; live Integration Community Calls; and unlimited access to SBW’s online video library, which features new modules added regularly.

During live virtual sessions, Somatic Breathwork™ practitioners help breathwork participants move stuck energy, align their vision with their reality and connect with their body through the power of the breath. People learn how to incorporate self-love into daily routines, how to connect with others while still valuing the unique individual they are, show up as the most authentic version of themselves every day and much more. Live group integration calls provide an opportunity to take the insights gained in sessions and share them in a safe environment with like-minded people who are working toward the same goals. And the video library of Somatic Breathwork™ modules provides expanded opportunities for participants to cultivate their practice and go deeper.

A growing power in the preventative health sphere, Somatic Breathwork™ has been helping people recover from past trauma, harness their natural power and direct it into creating the life they’ve always wanted. Using a highly sophisticated intuitive approach that involves deep breathwork, emotional catharsis, nervous system regulation and community building, SBW has helped thousands of people to overcome their past, connect with their present and use that connection to fashion the future they want.

One time drop in classes are available at the normal rate of $49 each and for a limited time, the monthly membership fee will be just $35 (normally $63 per month), the annual First Breath Membership will be just $99 (normally $350 annually)  and a Lifetime Membership for just $500, which allows the member to attend two live virtual breathwork sessions every month for the duration of the membership.To reward early adopters  Somatic Breathwork is launching these tiers of membership for a limited time. Special introductory pricing ends November 1st. Learn more about Somatic Breathwork™ and start your breathwork membership journey here.

About Somatic Breathwork

Co-founded by Steven Jaggers and Andrew Fischer in 2020, Somatic Breathwork™ uses revolutionary deep breathing techniques and cathartic emotional expression to quiet one’s thinking mind and connect with the body’s nervous system, purging past trauma and negative thinking patterns and clearing the way for people to become the fullest expression of themselves in the world. A neuromuscular therapist, Mr. Jaggers has a background in teaching kinesiology, anatomy and somatic therapies and has used this experience to create a breathwork practice that uses the power of breath to release suppressed emotions and stress and manifest emotional wellness and mental clarity. Participants from all over the world take part in his virtual Somatic Breathwork™ sessions, and more and more folks are availing themselves of the SBW curriculum to become practitioners and lead sessions of their own. You can see more at 

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