New Book Reveals Healing Secrets Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About for Achieving Mind, Body and Soul Wellness

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With its first two volumes already achieving Amazon best-seller status, Brave Healer Productions, has just released the third volume in its series, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Techniques.

Laura Di Franco, the creative force behind Brave Healer Productions, has this to say about the latest volume featuring chapters written by herself and 24 other health practitioners, coaches and healers, “You’ll enjoy a very holistic approach on these pages and you may notice repeating themes such as a connection to the breath, enhancing your intuition, or becoming aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. There are some basic, foundational principles of healing that are so key it bears repeating them. The most important thing to catch yourself saying? ‘I already know that.’ Drop into a beginner’s mind, the true mark of a master, and dwell in the possibility that there might be something new about that particular topic that you haven’t heard before.”

There are chapters on hiring a guide to take one’s health to the next level, using sacred geometry, vibrations, and frequencies for better health, the power of yoga, nourishing feminine power and fertility naturally, and the healing power of doodling, and more.

Also contributing to the book are Dr. Stacy Snow Lee, PT, DPT, Janette Stuart, Dr. Kim Byrd-Rider, MPT, DPT, Psych, Liz Hani, CPCC, ACC, conversational intelligence® core practitioner, Pat Perrier, MA, MBA, E-RYT. Sangita Patel, Dr. Joyce Fishel, DPT, Susan Gaertner, Barbara Bustard, Anne-Marie Harnett, BS, LMT, CRTT, Amla Mehta, motivational speaker and author, Jothi Dugar, CISO, holistic transformational coach, and international speaker, Sandee McKee, certified health and life coach, Dr. Eliane Provencher, DTN-BC, RND-BC, Fifhi, AEMP, RM, CH, Jen Piceno LMT, RMT, ORDM, Lisa Karasek, quantum healer, Lulu Trevena, Buddy Macuha, Julianne O’Dwyer, health coach and MBA, Brenda Cross, Gila Nehemia, Kathleen Haden, CEO, BS, PT, MBA,  visionary, business navigator, and sound therapist, and Veronica B. Light.

DiFranco adds, “These holistic healers operate with integration in mind. They know if they address your back pain, but forget to ask you about the job or loved one you lost this month, they’ll miss a big opportunity to help you heal. They know if they address your back pain, but forget to incorporate your entire body system into their evaluation, they’ll miss another opportunity for more complete healing. And most of all they know that if they don’t empower you to connect to your own inner guide, healer, and wisdom, they’ll never be doing what they should to help you with the most powerful way to heal that there is: you.”

People who purchase the book can also receive access to a private Facebook group where they will be able to access live training from the authors and question and answer sessions.

About Laura Di Franco

Laura Di Franco, MPT, has almost three decades of expertise in holistic physical therapy and has published ten books. In addition to the self-healing guides her other titles under the Brave Healing Production imprint include Your High Vibe Business: A Strategic Workbook for Badass Entrepreneurial Success and Living, Healing & Tae Kwon Do: A Memoir to Inspire Your Inner Warrior. A full list of services offered by Brave Healing Productions can be found here. 

Contact: Laura Di Franco, (703) 915-3653;

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