New Audiobook Shares a World-Famous Natural Healer’s Secrets… Often Involving Ingredients Found in Your Kitchen

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In May 2020, Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D., launched his first book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, his homage to Dr. Pankaj Naram, a legendary Indian master healer with whom he spent a decade traveling the world. Since that time, the book has been translated into 30 languages and become an international best-seller. To bring the late Dr. Naram’s wisdom to even more people, Dr. Clint just released an audiobook of Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, one that became an Amazon #1 best-seller in the Hot New Release category during its first week.

The audiobook features narration by Dr. Clint and Clare Dubois and music from seven-time Emmy Award-winning composer and producer Gary Malkin. Available through Audible on Amazon, it was recorded at Ignite Studios and published by Wisdom of the World Press.  

Before Dr. Clint got to know Indian master healer Dr. Pankaj Naram, the university researcher was a skeptic when it came to alternative medicine. But after witnessing Dr. Naram in action and watching him cure Dr. Clint’s father, the researcher’s attitude changed; sharing Dr. Naram’s wisdom with people all over the world became his priority. 

In the book’s introduction, he said, "The journey took me from the Lowes Luxury Hotel in Hollywood, California, to the best pizza restaurant in Italy; from the devastation of Ground Zero in New York City to the slums of Mumbai, India; and from my research at the clean and tidy University of Joensuu, Finland, to helicopter rides visiting fire pits and hidden temples in remote areas of the Himalayan mountains. 

"I also recorded many of my countless conversations with Dr. Naram. They reveal secrets passed down by masters for centuries. To my surprise, I discovered that so many life-changing remedies for our health challenges can be found in our very own homes and kitchens if we just know what to do."

Dr. Naram counted among his patients the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela, as well as many ordinary people, and Dr. Clint believes it is more important than ever to share these ancient secrets with the world including ways to boost the immune system with things found in most homes.

Praise for the Audiobook

"This story is an amazing journey. The author’s voice is calming and hypnotic. The information in it is life-changing, I will re-listen often! — Marie Holleman

"A MUST-HAVE audiobook for everyone that wants to heal and live a healthy and balanced life! Every time I read the book or listen to the audiobook, I hear something new that helps in some way. Thank you, Dr. Clint G. Rogers!" — Jodi Curtis

"Needed wisdom for every household. A book to listen to over and over! The information Dr. Rogers shares is life changing — everyone should own a copy of this book to refer to in life and learn the secrets of self-empowerment and healing. Thank you, Dr. Rogers, for such a gift to the world!" Roxana Shaw

About the Author

Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D., is a university researcher whose TEDx talk on Dr. Naram has been viewed by millions. Dr. Clint designed and taught with Dr. Naram a university certification course in Berlin, Germany, for doctors. Dr. Clint is the CEO of Wisdom of the World Wellness and a trustee of the Ancient Secrets Foundation.

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