MUTHA® // CERĒ Launch the Ultimate Orgasm Toolkit for Women

The clean skincare and sexual wellness brands team up to empower women’s confidence and intimacy with a collection of esthetician- and doctor-approved products.

NEW YORK, June 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — What happens when you combine clean and effective skincare formulas with advanced pleasure-enhancing tools? An inside-and-out approach to self-love and personal empowerment. The cult-favorite and esthetician-founded skincare brand, MUTHA®, has joined forces with CERĒ, the first-ever line of physician-developed pleasure products. Together, they introduce “The Bodyworks High Performance Team,” a collection of exclusive toolboxes designed to arouse the senses and enhance satisfaction.

“At CERĒ, our mission is to break the taboo surrounding pleasure by integrating science into the bedroom and making it accessible for everyone,” says Dr. Amir Marashi, founder of CERĒ, Gynecologist and a sexual health expert. “When strong women leaders like Hope Dworaczyk Smith, founder and CEO of MUTHA®, get involved, we move closer to our goal of empowering women to take charge of their pleasure, self-love, and confidence.”

The collaboration includes three kits filled with MUTHA®‘s and CERĒ’s most coveted items. The three Bodyworks Toolboxes include:

  • Bodyworks Vital Toolbox, launching, $150 (available June 17, 2024): CERĒ Lalalena (the world’s first clitoris-shaped vibrator), MUTHA® Body Butter, Custom Bodyworks Toolbox, Storage Bags, and Charging Cords
  • Bodyworks Essentials Toolbox, $150 (available June 17, 2024): CERĒ Oui (a pocket-sized pleasure tool), MUTHA® Body Oil, Custom Bodyworks Toolbox, Storage Bags, and Charging Cords
  • Bodyworks Ultimate Toolbox, $550 (available August 26, 2024): Three best-selling CERĒ pleasure tools (Lalalena, Spellbound Stimulator, and Wand), MUTHA® Body Butter, Body Oil, Aphrodisiac Massage Candle, Custom Bodyworks Toolbox, Storage Bags, and Charging Cords

“We aim to help empower women to prioritize their health, pleasure, and overall well-being,” says Hope Dworaczyk Smith. “This collaboration is about enhancing self-care from the inside out.”

See why doctors all over the nation endorse CERĒ pleasure products and shop the science-based collection at getCERĒ.com. Visit for clinically-backed, ultra-luxe skincare and bodycare formulas. Follow @GetCERĒ and @mutha on Instagram for wellness tips, sensational product releases, and exciting brand updates. The Bodyworks High Performance Team: Always Finish.

About CERĒ:

Introducing the first-ever line of physician-developed pleasure products: CERĒ. Founded by internationally acclaimed OB/GYN and vaginal surgeon, Dr. Amir Marashi, CERĒ empowers women to discover their sexual wellness, eradicate sexual shame, and bridge the orgasm gap. CERĒ’s meticulously designed tools were developed alongside Dr. Kimberly Lovie, a Harvard– and Yale-trained physician, chemist, and engineer. Through their collective research and development — including an innovative clitoral ultrasound protocol — they are bringing pleasure to the forefront of health by educating women about their bodies and dismantling the stigma around sexual wellness. CERĒ – Enjoy yourself. Doctor’s orders.™

About MUTHA®:

MUTHA® is the ultra-luxe clean, clinically-backed, skincare and bodycare brand, launched in 2019 by esthetician and former model, Hope Dworaczyk Smith. Each product is created with high-quality formulas, only clean ingredients, and is forever free of fillers. Every ingredient is beneficial, every drop is powerful, every application is effective. Like hard-working women everywhere, MUTHA® provides substance, not lip service. Each formula promises real care — to MUTHA® you as your own mother would. Made without parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and sulfates, it’s designed to strengthen your skin as well as your self-confidence at every phase of your life — mother or not.

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