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ATLANTA, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Beauty Is ME! Movement is organizing life-altering events that help women rediscover their love for their bodies:

On March 26: Beauty Is ME! Held a life-changing event at Macy’s Towson Center in Baltimore, MD, where all the women in attendance pledged to never doubt their potential because of someone else’s claims and to accept their physique with great enthusiasm. We were ecstatic to learn how the founder and speaker Muriam Cinevert changed the lives of the people in the audience with her five principals of Beauty Is ME! She encouraged everyone to let go of preconceptions and appreciate their bodies without fear of being condemned. The #TeamBeautyIsMe Models put on a heck of a show, along with the event host Simone’ Skyye and the Macy’s Stylist Violesia Tull, not to mention her guest’s panelists. Actress Schelle Purcell and actress Alysia Joy Powell.

Booked Muriam Cinevert for your event to witness the transformation in your life:

As per Bri Williams, "The event had such an impact on me. I broke down with tears during the panel discussion. It hit home for me and brought back memories of my childhood. Growing up, I always feel like the odd man, not pretty and not enough. But this weekend changed all that. Thank you Muriam Cinevert for helping me realized #Beautyisme"

While we were confident that by starting the event, we would be able to assist women in expressing their self-worth and embracing themselves without regard to society’s rules, we were astonished by the audience’s reaction. Our event transformed the way the world has made them feel about their bodies, as the women had tears in their eyes and their thoughts completed modifications to stride out of the hall with a new personality and enhanced self-esteem.

One of the mothers drove two hours to bring her 12-year-old daughter to the event, and she later told #TeamBeautyIsME! that her daughter walked out of the event looking entirely different than she did when she arrived, owing to the fuel used to affect the alteration in the mindset.

We saw the burning desire in the eyes of both younger and older generations to make a difference in the realm of self-love and to encourage every other woman who is dealing with self-sabotage issues in her life. Contact us if you’d like to host our event in your store and help us touch the lives of even more women with our empowering messages.

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