Multifaceted Women’s Group Rebrands After Three Years

PHOENIX, Ariz., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Internationally recognized women’s group The KNOW Women announced today that it has rebranded after three years in an effort to level up. The group’s fast-growing membership community, formerly known as KNOW Tribe, is now called The KNOW Collaborative and continues to bring together authentic female leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs in major markets across the country and the world.

“This name change is a critical step in our global campaign to help every woman lift and rise,” says Sarah Benken, founder and CEO of The KNOW Women. “Our mission to amplify all voices must be witnessed throughout every vein of KNOW. Thus, we are no longer a Tribe. We are KNOW Women.”

The KNOW Women started in 2017 to bring more attention to local women doing remarkable things throughout Phoenix. Benken knew there were an outstanding number of women impacting the community and making big strides in their industries. Her goal was to get those women from behind their computer screens and into the public eye. Thus, she created The KNOW Book, a carefully curated publication that would feature vision-led women in a glamorous and authentic style.

“As the momentum grew and we recognized the need for more, we launched KNOW Collaborative around the women featured in the KNOW Book. Our mix and mingles soon ensued and we witnessed incredible things happening. We saw our women doing business with each other, creating friendships, supporting each other, collaborating on projects together and so much more. What started as a fun project to spotlight women, has turned into a full-blown movement,” says Benken.

The KNOW Women has expanded beyond its birthplace of Phoenix, Arizona and plans to launch in every major city across the United States and Canada. It is currently in 11 markets and will expand to four additional markets by 2021, including Milwaukee, Atlanta, Ottawa and Boise. The KNOW Women currently has 5,200 members across the globe.

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About The KNOW Women:  

The KNOW Women is the leading global women’s group whose mission is bringing “all women who achieve great things together.” The multifaceted community offers one-of-a-kind memberships, groups, business development opportunities and community outreach programs for female leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs. The KNOW Women elevates and connects women you should know and their businesses, professions, and communities, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, color, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, socioeconomic status, or physical appearance. For more information, visit

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