Millennial & Gen X Moms Struggle with the Mental Load, Spending a Staggering 520 Hours Per Year on Invisible Labor

SAN FRANCISCO, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Coinciding with Motherhood Mental Health Awareness week, Gether is proud to announce its official launch in the United States, presenting a digital solution tailored to drastically reduce the mental load on women. This launch is backed by eye-opening findings from Gether’s own global survey and supported by insights from Motherly’s 2024 State of Motherhood Report.

Gether’s recent survey of over 320 parents from various countries revealed that women spend an average of 520 hours per year managing the mental load of household and family responsibilities. This invisible labor includes organizing schedules, planning children’s activities, and managing family healthcare needs. The survey also highlighted a critical demand for support, with over 85% of women expressing a strong interest in a digital tool designed to alleviate this burden.

The 2024 State of Motherhood Report by Motherly also highlights the challenges today’s mothers endure, particularly those from the Millennial and Gen X generations, —73% of whom are responsible for family scheduling and healthcare. Additionally, a staggering 94% of mothers have experienced burnout, with 39% feeling frequently or always burnt out. Additionally, nearly 60% of moms under 30 report equally sharing household responsibilities with a partner, compared to only 35% of moms over 30, suggesting this is a generational challenge for Gen X and Millenial Moms. These statistics not only underscore the scale of the challenge, but also underscore the urgent need for innovative solutions like Gether.

Gether’s Solution:

  • AI-Powered Efficiency: By leveraging sophisticated AI, Gether simplifies the intake and organization of tasks from various communication methods, turning overwhelming chaos into a manageable order.
  • Collaborative Tools: The app facilitates easier sharing of responsibilities, allowing family members to access and manage the family calendar and tasks, promoting transparency and easing the burden on mothers.
  • Reduction of Mental Load: Gether automates the organization of schedules and tasks, significantly cutting down the hours women spend on these activities, thereby aiming to combat the high rates of burnout reported among mothers.

“Gether is more than a digital assistant; it’s a revolutionary approach to using technology to reduce the mental load and ease anxiety, giving time back to mothers” said Claire Waring, CEO of Gether. “Our tool is crafted to address the exact pain points these hard-working women face every day.”

The app is now available for download across the U.S. market from and you can follow our journey on socials at @getherlife.

About Gether:

Founded by two dynamic professional mums, Gether is designed to ease the mental load of parenting with its cutting-edge AI technology. By automatically managing schedules and tasks with minimal user input, Gether supports parents globally, providing a reliable, intuitive, and stress-reducing tool that makes family organization effortless.

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