Midlife Women’s Health Leader Midi Health Partners with Neurotrack to Give Women a Quick and Easy Tool to Help Discern Menopause Brain Fog from More Serious Cognitive Impairment

Collaboration ensures comprehensive care for mental fuzziness and memory lapses linked to menopause

LOS ALTOS, Calif., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Midi Health, the leading virtual care clinic focused exclusively on women navigating midlife hormonal transition, and Neurotrack, maker of innovative digital cognitive assessments, today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership that will help the nearly three-fourths of women who experience midlife brain fog determine whether their symptoms are linked to menopause or indicative of more severe cognitive impairment.

Brain fog or “Menopause Brain” as it’s been called, is a long neglected but widely experienced symptom characterized by mental fuzziness and memory lapses that can rob women of their productivity and confidence in the prime of their lives. It can also be an alarming experience for anyone with a family history of Alzheimer’s or dementia. For the vast majority of women, the brain fog experienced during the menopause transition is temporary and resolves over time, but it’s important to investigate all cognitive complaints.

To tackle this challenge, Midi teamed up with Neurotrack, the leading company developing digital cognitive assessments for more than a decade. Starting this week, Midi Health clinicians can send patients a cognitive screening they can complete on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer in about 3 minutes. Results are based on speed and accuracy compared to same-aged peers. Patients who receive a low score or have other indications of illness that could cause cognitive impairment are referred to providers who can provide appropriate evaluation. In most cases, Midi can help patients manage and alleviate the impact of brain fog and other troublesome symptoms of perimenopause.

“Brain fog in menopause is super common — 74 percent of Midi patients report this symptom, as prevalent as hot flashes. And the good news is that studies show there is no evidence that experiencing brain fog signals that you are more likely to develop dementia now or in the future,” explains Midi Health Chief Medical Officer Kathleen Jordan, MD. “For most women with brain fog symptoms, a Neurotrack screening provides reassurance, but for a few it could help identify early dementia—a progressive disease that benefits from early detection and early treatment.”

“So many women experience brain fog in midlife, and it’s time to take these symptoms seriously,” explains Elli Kaplan, CEO and Co-founder of Neurotrack. “Neurotrack’s digital cognitive assessments and Midi’s expert care can help women get to the bottom of what they are experiencing, and gain new insight into their cognitive health. They’ll also have a trusted provider to guide them in next steps.”

About Midi Health
Midi Health is the leading virtual care clinic focused exclusively on women navigating midlife hormonal transition. Our treatment protocols are designed by world-class experts in perimenopause and menopause, and delivered by a team of compassionate clinicians highly trained in women’s midlife health. Midi patients receive personalized care plans based on their unique symptoms and health history. Solutions include hormonal and non-hormonal medications, supplements, lifestyle coaching, and vital preventative health guidance. All services are covered by insurance, and conveniently accessible through telehealth visits.

With a patient satisfaction score of 95 percent, Midi is helping thousands of women reach their full potential in midlife and filling an immense gap in the healthcare system. To learn more, visit www.joinmidi.com.

About Neurotrack
Neurotrack is a digital health company on a mission to transform the diagnosis and management of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The company develops turnkey tools for providers that can be easily delivered at scale to facilitate early detection of cognitive impairment and ongoing monitoring of cognitive function. Neurotrack’s patient-guided, clinically-validated assessments work in the clinic or at home to fit any workflow. Neurotrack has published 25 peer-reviewed papers, holds 11 patents on its proprietary technology, and is registered as an FDA Class II medical device. Its solutions have been recognized by leading organizations including the Cleveland Clinic and the National Institute on Aging. For more information visit neurotrack.com.

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