Med Manager Provides a Central Story for Patients

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Managing medications can be challenging, especially if a patient has several or even dozens of medicines they’re taking at the same time. Med Manager is an innovative product that offers a comprehensive solution to the issue of managing prescriptions. It goes beyond mere pill and bottle storage and ensures that an individual has everything they might need on hand, whether they’re paying a visit to the doctor for a low-key checkup or rushing to the emergency room.

Med Manager was created by Dr. Harry Wingate after the ER physician had spent the better¬†part of three decades witnessing how disorganized his patients’ medications could get. Wingate reports patients arriving with grocery bags and shoe boxes loaded with random assortments of pill bottles.

Wingate knew that these haphazard storage and organization systems were asking for trouble. Problems like duplicate bottles, outdated prescriptions, and missed doses could happen too easily.

When Wingate looked around for a way to help his patients out, he was surprised to find that there wasn’t any truly comprehensive answer to the problem. "There is no product that I’m aware of," Wingate explains, "that tries to organize patient’s complex medication regimens and provides a central story for their critical information."

In response, Wingate created his one-of-a-kind organizational tool, Med Manager. The physician’s goal was to design an all-inclusive manager that could truly organize not just prescriptions, but everything else that they impact. The resulting product was complete with tools to help keep medications coordinated and medical information on hand. These tools include:

  • 10 to 25 durable elastic straps to hold both small and large pill bottles;
  • A weekly pill organizer;
  • A memo pad;
  • A daily health log that includes a calendar and memo pad to track blood pressure,
  • glucose, and weight. (Sold separately)
  • A file organizer to keep essential medical documents on hand and in order.
  • Double zippers to accommodate a small luggage lock to keep the medications safe from children

The Med Manager is more than just a pouch to hold medication. It’s a complete organizational tool built to house everything from paperwork to pill bottles. It even comes with a double zipper to keep their medications safe and secure from children.

While there are plenty of small-scale medication tools on the market, Med Manager is one of the first companies to bring all of these together into a comprehensive medication organizer. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the capabilities of the Med Manager have made it an instant hit with patients across the nation as they’ve flocked to the organizer to help them manage their prescriptions.

About Med Manager: Med Manager products are created by Viva Life, Inc. Viva Life was launched by Dr. Harry Wingate in 2017 after the entrepreneur had created his first Med Manager prototype three years earlier.

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