Mascara, Delivered: The New Beauty Startup with a $9 clean + Plastic-Neutral Mascara

TEMPE, Ariz., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mainstream mascara has been noticeably slow to innovate when it comes to being clean and environmentally friendly. The few options that do exist easily run as much as $48, which quickly prices out the typical consumer.

My Little Mascara Club, a beauty subscription startup launched in 2020 that is quickly becoming a force in the mascara world, is on a mission to help women who are still using yesterday’s mascara upgrade to one that exceeds Whole Foods’ “Beyond Clean Beauty” standards but is priced more like one they’d pick up at Target.

The lack of innovation in this category is easily apparent from the fact that 2 of the 3 top selling mascaras are still budget mascaras developed in the 70’s and 80’s (Statista, 2019). Christie Kerner, the founder of My Little Mascara Club, notes why: “Mascara is such a critical part of most women’s confidence that they simply struggle to compromise on function, even when that has meant they are stuck using old mascaras they know aren’t up to today’s standards.” 

Setting the bar high with clean ingredients meant it took years of product R&D to create a mascara that performed exceptionally well – as defined by its ability to apply easily, create a full lash appearance, stay put on the lashes all day (without flaking or smudging), and remain clump-free throughout the full use of the tube.

Mascara is exclusively available in a mini size at My Little Mascara Club. This helps ensure that the mascara formula can stay clump-free through the last swipe.  “Traditional sized mascara tubes are simply too big,” Kerner states, “mascara is a wax-based substance and it dries out with repeated exposure to air – hence the clumping problems we all know. I was tired of throwing away half empty mascara because it was too clumpy to be usable.”

Demand for little mascara is quickly growing as many women also report it being easier to use since their hand is closer to the point of application. My Little Mascara Club’s focus on smaller mascara is at the leading edge of changes now beginning to appear across the mascara category; during late 2020 over a dozen premium brands released their mascara mini for sale alongside their full-size counterparts. However, at higher price points than that of My Little Mascara Club and lacking the focus on clean ingredients.

In addition to tackling form, function, and formulation, Kerner was mindful of the environmental impact of mascara and invested in becoming plastic-neutral across the entire brand. As a female founder, and self-professed mascara connoisseur, she is committed to getting a high quality, clean mascara into the hands of women at an accessible price point. And, as a busy woman juggling all that a family and career add up to be, she’s delighted to offer it on subscription so that fresh mascara is one less thing women have to worry about.

By right sizing mascara for its true shelf life, breaking the mold by not charging extra just for using clean, quality ingredients, and offering the convenience of subscription delivery, My Little Mascara Club aims to change the mascara landscape.

About My Little Mascara Club

With a mission to help others feel better about themselves and life, My Little Mascara Club is committed to deliver fresh mascara and moments of happy to busy women everywhere. In addition to providing innovative, clean mascara products, they provide tips and inspiration to help others live their best, most happy, life.

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