Lucina Egg Bank Unleashes a Technological Leap in Third-Party Reproduction for the US

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lucina Egg Bank, a prominent name in the sphere of third-party reproduction, has recently introduced its latest innovation, Lucina ReflEggction, transforming the landscape of egg donor selection in the United States. This ground-breaking platform uses cutting-edge facial recognition technology to help intended parents find their perfect donor match, thus radically modernizing the traditional egg donor search.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 12% of all in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles in the United States involve eggs retrieved from a donor. The US is the largest fertility industry in the world and the application of facial recognition technology marks a pivotal point in third-party reproduction, bringing an unprecedented level of personalization to the process.

“With Lucina ReflEggction, we’re revolutionizing the entire egg donor selection process. It’s an empowering, time-saving solution that we believe will redefine the future of third-party reproduction,” said Dr. David Harari, President and Chief Medical Officer of Lucina Egg Bank.

Lucina ReflEggction’s advanced algorithm extracts and codes facial features from a provided photo, subsequently comparing this anonymized “map” with Lucina Egg Bank’s diverse and extensive donor database. The technology provides greater than 99% accuracy and can generate potential donor matches in under five seconds, replacing the traditionally prolonged and laborious process of finding an ideal donor.

“By being the first to introduce this sophisticated technology in egg donor matching, we are reimagining the entire journey towards parenthood. Lucina ReflEggction simplifies, accelerates, and personalizes the selection process, ensuring our patients find their perfect match quickly and securely,” added Dr. David Harari.

Lucina ReflEggction is a testament to Lucina Egg Bank’s commitment to innovation, aiming to shape the future of third-party reproduction and continuing to stand as an industry leader.

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About Lucina Egg Bank Lucina Egg Bank is an industry leader in frozen donor eggs, offering innovative technology that simplifies the process of finding a donor.

Lucina Egg Bank’s egg donor database is one of the most extensive in the United States, and patients enjoy complimentary access, including leveraging our facial recognition technology to find their ideal donor. Our diverse range of donors reflects our commitment to supporting the diversity of our patients.

With a focus on providing the highest-quality donor eggs, guarantee programs, and successful outcomes, we are committed to providing our patients and IVF center partners worldwide with a superior Egg Bank experience.

By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we make it easier than ever to find the perfect donor, and with frozen egg survival rates consistently exceeding 90%, our outcomes speak to our commitment to excellence.

Our egg bank is devoted to helping individuals and couples streamline the complex process of finding a donor, allowing them to start or grow their families through our innovative approach to frozen donor eggs. Visit or call 858-345-3274 to learn more about how Lucina Egg Bank can help make family dreams a reality.

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