Lifetime Jewelry Explores Why Wealthy People Wear Fake Jewelry

HAYWARD, Calif., April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — It has nothing to do with the economy, but increasingly, very wealthy people are wearing jewelry that only looks like solid gold. 

With gold now over $1,700 an ounce, it is quite risky to wear solid gold jewelry on an everyday basis. There is always a possibility that it might get lost, damaged, or stolen. 

The solution? Many people are wearing jewelry that has the look and feel of solid gold but costs a fraction of the price. Called Lifetime Jewelry, it has an outer gold plating that is 20 times thicker than traditional gold plated jewelry. 

Instead of putting gold over flimsy and fragile pot metal, this jewelry is made with a solid jeweler’s bronze core to deliver strength and a more substantial weight and feel.

“The look and feel of these are so realistic that many professional jewelers have been fooled,” said Karen Louise, founder of Lifetime Jewelry. “Since the entire piece of jewelry is completely covered in 24 karat gold, everything you see and touch is real gold.”

Another factor is that every piece of Lifetime Jewelry comes with a 100% Free Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Should any registered Lifetime Jewelry item break, tarnish, chip, get damaged, or simply doesn’t live up to expectations, the owner can send it in for a free replacement. 

That type of guarantee simply isn’t given with typical solid gold jewelry.

“I have one client who loves to wear gold jewelry with their business attire. They also go to the gym every day. They used to worry about taking off all of their jewelry and putting it in a locker while they did their workout. Now, since their jewelry looks and feels like solid gold but costs about one-tenth the price, they no longer worry about losing their jewelry,” said Louise.

About Lifetime Jewelry
Lifetime Jewelry is one of the fastest-growing online jewelry stores in the world. They are one of the top sellers in fashion jewelry on Amazon, achieving #1 bestseller status with several products. They specialize in classic jewelry styles that have the look and feel of solid gold at a fraction of the price. 

Since 1987 Lifetime Jewelry has offered necklaces, chains, bracelets, anklets, bangles, earrings, rings, charms, pendants, crosses, and rosaries for men women, and children. 

Lifetime Jewelry makes the highest quality gold fashion jewelry in the world and sells it at the lowest price possible.

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