Know Your Lemons App Tracks Your Period and Your Breast Cycles to Improve Early Detection for Breast Cancer

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Breast cycles? A little-known fact amongst women is how breasts change throughout their monthly cycle, and how they change post menopause. Yet, being able to understand these changes is critical for early detection, the most important factor in survival for breast cancer.

The award-winning Know Your Lemons app takes the guesswork out of breast health. First, it explains that there are 12 symptoms when it comes to breast cancer (yes, there is more than a lump!). It also has Mona Lisa as your audio guide to walk you through step-by-step to improve your confidence with self-exams, and when to do them at the right time of your cycle. A risk assessment quiz creates a customized screening plan based on your risk factors. Reminders are available to help you not forget your self-exams, and also remember to book that annual mammogram (usually starting at age 40), which you can do within the app. There is also a fun feature that allows you to calculate how many periods you’ve had in your life, because that also relates to risk!

Whether you menstruate anymore or not, this app is a gamechanger for early detection, and should be in every woman’s phone. Despite all of the attention breasts get, there really is very little we understand when it comes to taking care of our breast health. Rather than scouring the internet to gather all of this information, the Know Your Lemons app puts it in the palm of your hand.

Dr. Corrine Ellsworth-Beaumont is a granddaughter of two women who died from breast cancer and is the charity’s founder and designer behind the app and campaign, “We often get messages from women explaining that if it wasn’t for our work, they wouldn’t have realized they had a sign of breast cancer. They credit our work as the reason why they are alive. It’s our hope that every woman has the information they need to find it as early as possible, and we hope people can join us in that effort to get the word out.”

To raise awareness of the 12 symptoms of breast cancer, the Know Your Lemons Foundation has launched the #knowyourlemonschallenge. First, download the app and learn the 12 symptoms of breast cancer. Then, suck on a lemon for 12 seconds to raise awareness of the 12 symptoms and share on social media. Finally donate to the Know Your Lemons Foundation to fund their work, including the free app, and improve early detection with their global programs. Tag five friends and watch real awareness spread this October.

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Note: for UK audiences, screening recommendations are different than the US and this sentence should replace the one above: Reminders are available to help you not forget your self-exams, and also remember when your mammogram invitation should have arrived (usually starting at age 50).

SOURCE Know Your Lemons Foundation

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