Is 90 Too Old to Start Yoga? How a 90-Year-Old Man Started Online Yoga During the Pandemic

CROFTON, BC, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As millions of yoga enthusiasts have switched to practice online during the pandemic, Tony Smith is no exception, he has been taking a zoom yoga class twice a week for over a year. However, the fact that he celebrated his 90th birthday last December, and only started a regular practice in this past year is quite remarkable.  

“Yoga is good for you!” he says. “People my age talk about getting stair-lifts and easy chairs, you don’t need any of that if you practice yoga!”

It is remarkable because he is far from flexible. He has a lot of stiffness in his joints, he was diagnosed with osteomyelitis in 2018, and suffered from deterioration in some vertebrae as a result.  The arthritis in his hands is quite painful and he has some difficulty getting up and down off the floor. 

He practices a system based on joint health, developed by Kathy White, yoga teacher of 20 years and it works to keep joints lubricated and healthy. Even rejuvenating and renewing mobility. It has helped Tony tremendously.

“I feel a lot better now than I did a few years ago when I was ill,” he says.

Kathy White, founder of The Joint Renewal System™ began to experience joint pain herself in her knees, hips and low back, despite years of yoga, when she reached the age of 50.

Feeling despondent she almost quit yoga. Instead, she decided to research and retrain. She consulted with physiotherapists and chiropractors and learnt from yoga teachers in Brazil, Italy, and Scotland. Eventually, she came up with her own unique process called The Joint Renewal System™ and started teaching her students this approach.  

When students like Tony take classes with Kathy, they see remarkable results in a short space of time. Stiffness eases, strength returns and much more mobility in the joints is gained. Tony especially likes the fact that the pace is slow.

“You need to calm the nervous system to get the results in the joints” says Kathy. “So many modern yoga practices rush the body, when what we need is to slow down so that natural healing processes can restore joint health.”

It has certainly helped Tony go from strength to strength and stay enthusiastic about life in his 90s.

More information about The Joint Renewal System™ can be found at

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