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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ –The Dutch health brand Intoleran is well aware of how many people struggle with intolerances. For example, lactose intolerance — the inability to break down and properly digest the milk sugar, lactose — is extremely common. The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (via Cornell University) reports that as many as 50 million Americans are lactose intolerant, with the condition being particularly rampant amongst African American, American Indian, and Asian American demographics.

Another study reported by NIH claims that experts estimate a staggering 68% majority of the global population suffers from lactose malabsorption. While only those who actually manifest symptoms are officially considered to be lactose intolerant, the widespread threat of lactose-related digestive concerns clearly spans the globe. When symptoms do occur, they can be extremely discomforting and can range from bloating and gas to stomach cramps, nausea, and even diarrhea and vomiting.

And that’s just one, single intolerance. There are also intolerances for fructans and galactans (such as garlic, onions, and wheat) as well as fructose (think fruits and honey) and sucrose (good old-fashioned sugar from drinks, sweets, and sauces.) Many of these digestive concerns can be addressed using the FODMAP diet, which helps individuals discover and control which foods they’re sensitive to.

While controlling one’s diet is helpful, though, sooner or later there are going to be occasions where a person is faced with eating something that they know will affect them. Visiting a friend, going to a party, or simply eating out can all lead to limited food options. That’s where Intoleran comes into the picture.

The cutting-edge Dutch supplement brand has spent over a decade perfecting its enzyme-based products. These address each of the intolerances referenced above. For instance, it has both Lactase Drops and Once-a-Day to manage lactose intolerance. Fructase helps with fructose intolerance. The company has even created its innovative Quatrase Forte, which safely addresses multiple intolerances at the same time. This wide range of offerings addressing so many different intolerances is unique in the health world.

Intoleran’s goal with each of the products that it develops is to bolster the digestive system. Usually, this comes through providing an extra dose of digestive enzymes, which are targeted toward a particular intolerance. Whatever enzymes aren’t needed by the body can pass harmlessly through the digestive tract, making Intoleran’s products easy to experiment with as individuals try to discover what intolerances they need help addressing. In addition, the company goes to great pains to use minimal ingredients. The avoidance of any unnecessary additives ensures that the products can be used by as wide an audience as possible.

While Intoleran has primarily served European markets in the past, the company is in the process of entering the U.S., as well. As its products are rolled out in the North American market in the coming months, Intoleran will offer a new, user-friendly tool to help tens of millions of Americans who are currently struggling from an intolerance to truly enjoy their food once again.

About Intoleran: Intoleran was founded in the Netherlands in 2008. The Dutch health brand specializes in creating enzyme-based supplements which are produced in its own production facility right in the Netherlands. These address a variety of food intolerances, including lactose, fructose, fructans, galactans, and sucrose. The quality and effectiveness of the supplements are key. Therefore, Intoleran uses only ingredients necessary for the effect of the supplements and no unnecessary additives. This allows as many people as possible to use the products without unwanted side effects. Intoleran products assist the digestive system by helping to properly digest food and, consequently, avoiding many of the unpleasant side effects that come from food intolerances. Learn more at

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